1. If you are stripped of everything you’ve got, and everything you’ve become. Will your praises go to Him?
  2. If you attain the height that you desire, will men share testimonies or will stories of regret abound?
  3. To your Father, I was, to you, I am, to your children, I will be”, says I AM THAT I AM.
  4. A phase will end and another will begin, whether we prepared for it or not.
  5. As an imitator of Christ, among the brethren, what is your testimony? do you live like Christ?
  6. At all times, let your heart declare “God is sovereign, his faithfulness is ever sure”.
  7. But even darkness is not dark for Him and the night is as bright as day. Darkness and light are the same to God. There is no hiding (Ps 139:12)
  8. Celebrate your birth because people have been blessed by your coming, and let Heaven celebrate your homecoming because your years would have been fulfilling.
  9. Eliminate all fears, and add lots of faith. Then wait, watch, and pray.
  10. Even the Helpmeet needs the helper, the Holy Spirit. We all need him, our ever-present help.
  11. Find a description of your life, written in God’s way.
  12. For every one that receives Christ, there is a change of identity, a change of name. What’s your new name?
  13. Give God control and find rest for your soul
  14. Giving your all to God can never be a waste.
  15. God made no mistake in the creation story.
  16. God made you in His image, so He is the reflection that you see in the pages of a book, he has titled ‘you’.
  17. God’s knowledge of us is too deep, it beyond our understanding. (Ps 139:6)
  18. If He led you to begin, let him lead you to the end. He designed the path and the map.
  19. If what you know to be love is not God, you do not know love, you do not know God.
  20. If you believe in it, you will give to it. Whatever you believe in, is endorsed by your giving.
  21. If you must live for a cause, live for Christ’s name.
  22. Kingdom principalities are sons and daughters called by the Father, saved by the Son and anointed by the Spirit.
  23. Let this be our daily prayer, “Lead me to do your will and make your way plain for me to follow” (Psalms 5: 8).
  24. Make sure you’re living, not merely existing.
  25. Make the right decision to leave the right impact on life today.
  26. Not everyone has a pulpit, but if you have a voice, perhaps you have all you need.
  27. Only men that are intentional about making a difference will actually be the difference.
  28. Perhaps the instructions we ignored, would have led to our greatest miracles.
  29. Shine your light and give a lost soul
  30. Taking your hands off your life’s control doesn’t make you jobless. It affirms that you have begun what you ought to do; trusting God.
  31. Teach us to be intentional about our days, living a life of impact, even in a strange land.
  32. The best description of you is written in your father’s letters to you; the bible.
  33. The best gift to send to your future is the word of God.
  34. The more of a servant you are, the greater a leader you become. He that must lead must serve and he that serves will lead.
  35. The strong people you see have a secret Mine is God, what’s yours?
  36. The words that we cannot speak, feelings that men cannot read, tears that drop on our handkerchiefs, all of these, our Father sees.
  37. The worst death to die is the death of a man who lived for no cause, who lived for no one but himself.
  38. There are many paths, but there is one, on which you will trail and find fulfillment.
  39. There are only two options; to be intentional about living or to do otherwise.
  40. There’s no need for fear because He has said, “I the Lord was there at the beginning, and I, the Lord, will be there at the end.” (Is 40: 4)
  41. Those who unlock your compassion are those to whom you have been sent.
  42. To be still is to not move an inch, but it’s much easier when you’re at peace. So, be peacefully still.
  43. To everything, there is a season, and a time peculiar to every man. Before you ask man, concerning your life, learn to ask ‘Abba, what’s the time?
  44. To see the world through the eyes of the Father is to see light even in the midst of darkness.
  45. We are the epistles that men should read and be converted.
  46. What is that in your hand? If it’s a pen, it’s your voice.
  47. What men call mysteries, He reveals them to us and calls them revelations. We are custodians of the mysteries of God.
  48. When it comes to publicity, no one has done it better than God, let the King of Glory announce
  49. When there’s no hand to hold and no hug in the cold, God will always be there.
  50. You know how many birthdays you’ve had, but you do not know how many more you will have. Now that you cana live for Christ.



  • Deji Joshua
    August 9, 2020 at 1:23 pm

    Pointing to no. 8, that means it’s unnecessary to celebrate/do burial ceremony parties, since ‘heaven should celebrate homecoming’

    • Nwoke Bliss
      August 9, 2020 at 7:44 pm

      The major point of the writer in that line is that we live a life worthy to be celebrated in Heaven also. Let God say to you, ‘welcome Home’.


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