Our guest, author of the book ‘Unleash The Gold In You’ has some important points to enlighten us on overcoming identity crisis and a word for our readers.

Our readers would like to know you sir, please tell us who you are an what you do.

My name is Ofukwu Mathew. I’m a minister, Counselor, Mentor, Public Figure, Philanthropist, One-time President Faculty of Education Student Fellowship, One-time President NCCF Kebbi State Chapter (Non-denominational fellowship), President/Founder of Ofukwu Dream Life Helpers Foundation (NGO), and CEO of Eagle Eye Cleaning Services Limited.

I have raised a great number of persons from diverse walks of life to accomplish their divine purpose in spite of challenging moments. I have spoken in different platforms among key leaders.

Growing up for you sir, how was it?

Well, it was a bit good and difficult at the same time. It was very good because I grew up in a Christian home where all of us were Christians, so going to church wasn’t an issue and participating in the church activities was very easy. But it was at the same time difficult, because of school where you would met new friends from different walks of life with different beliefs. It was quite difficult because a point came where you had to be in between choosing what to do and the kind of life to live. The beautiful part was that you had to concur with what you were raised to be and move on with life.

Did you ever struggle with identity issues while growing up sir

Yes, it is perculiar with everyone, though it varies with individuals. Those times came when I wanted to choose my course of study and the kind of friends to keep. I noticed early that, I’m a quiet person because I like thinking but those around me like talking, so it actually became a struggle for me.

I overcame those moments because I took a conscious decision to be myself rather than allow anyone controlling my time.

When and how did you discover who you really are sir?

Wow, I could remember some years ago, l was actually praying to be a Reverend Father because of the home I grew up in and my few friends that are Christians serving as leaders.

I could remember a particular night where I was praying for God to help me discover myself and prior to that moment I had read a passage of the scripture Matthew 7:7-8 which gave the notion that whatever I ask God, He would grant me.

So, I applied that scripture and I could hear God telling me, don’t worry I will make you a minister even though I didn’t know what it is to be one. I can conclude now that, nobody can discover himself or herself outside God’s Will.

Why do people fall victims of identity crisis?

It is very easy to be a victim of identity crisis when you don’t have proper parental guidance and if peer pressure is high.

Social study told us that, the family is the first contact of every child, when the child lacks proper orientation from the home, it becomes a problem.

So, to handle this situation, parents should give attention to their children rather than thinking of raising them up to feed them.

Raising a proper child requires more than just food; it requires spiritual mentorship, vocational counseling, physical training, therapy on issues, how many parents have time to do that now?

So you have children growing up without basic information about themselves and their environment whom might later or sooner become victim of identity crisis.

Then, what about those who don’t have parents by whatever means, that is why I was BORN. It’s a call to responsibility, a call to duty, a call to work, a call to serve and service to generations unborn.

Where can we find answers to questions pertaining identity matters?

You see, every human being has what he or she needs to be valuable in life. The answers are not outside the country, or outside the person in question.

First of all, discover who you are as an individual.

When you get the response, nurture it with the help of friends, family and mentorship. Take programs and activities that enhance your gifts and follow it passionately irrespective of challenges and discouragement.

What is the place of discovering our identity in purpose fulfillment?

If you have not discovered your identity, definitely you can’t fulfill purpose. Purpose means, I have discovered my identity that is (Gift, vision, talents, potential etc..) and I’m set to fulfill it.

(1John3:8 KJV He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil).

If you have settled the issue of discovering yourself, definitely you will fulfill purpose when you pursue it.

What is the best solution to identity crisis?

The solution to it, is to come out of the circle that enslaved you. It could be family, friends, environment, career etc.

Come out of it and open up to others that can help you, don’t think you don’t need help or you can handle it alone.

 Have you ever struggled with accepting who you are?

Well, the truth remains that whether you accept it or not, you can not change it anymore. And whether I’m born richer or poorer than who I am now, it doesn’t change anything, my purpose still remains the same. So, I have to accept who I am gladly to pursue what is next.

I understand that, a lot of persons have had issues with this, but accept who you are and move on with life. Life does not consist of where you are now but what you make out of it.

 How did you overcome identity challenges?

The only way is to know and discover yourself.

Separate yourself from others that are not compactible to your personality. Be who you are made to be and do what you have to do.

A word for our readers

I want to appreciate your time and sacrifice for reading this write up. I believe that you are intentional about your life and future which is the reason why you didn’t skip any questions.

The future belongs to you irrespective of what had happened, you are the best of the best, you are not limited by where you came from and where you are now.

Be yourself, there is never going to be any kind of you in the world. Follow God’s plans for your life and future and you will win in life.

How can we contact you on social media?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, are all Ofukwu Mathew

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