Title: In Pursuit of Purpose
Number of Chapters: 12
Number of Pages (PDF): 636


The book ‘In Pursuit of Purpose’ was written by Late Dr. Myles Munroe, who had a burden to die empty. Amongst many other books written by him, this book discusses extensively the issue of purpose, benefits of identifying purposes, and many other subtopics.

For our discussion, we would be reviewing the first Chapter and the quotes embedded within it.

Chapter Review

The topic of this chapter is given as ‘Understanding Purpose’. It evaluates the basics of purpose fulfillment and why it should be considered at all.

Until purpose is discovered, life has no meaning, for purpose is the source of fulfillment.
One cannot find fulfillment without discovering purpose, for a purpose gives life meaning.

The purpose is specific to various individuals. If life has been frustrating and depressing, perhaps you are yet to live the life you were designed by God to live.

I want to live. I want to come alive. I want to be what I was born to be. Please set me free and let me live.

If this is your heart cry, then it is the cry of one yearning for more. This is the desire of one who has determined to die empty, fulfilling all God has created him to be. If you’ve arrived at this point, then I congratulate you, for you have taken the first step.

The internal benchmarks that denote personal and cooperate fulfillment are noticeably missing from our world, and a positive sense of discretion that encompasses the totality of life is lacking for the majority of the people.

The majority of the people roaming the earth are living lives crafted out for them by society. Many have based their success on the demands of the general public or the world at large. Many people are trying to survive as each day passes by, not because of poverty or illness, but life is no longer worth living.

No amount of accomplishments can replace the power and the motivation of finding your special niche and working toward your dreams.

Your dreams are peculiar to you, no one can fulfill them for you. There’s an energy that radiates from a person who is living life with intentions.

Your existence is evidence that this generation needs something that your life contains.

It is not coincidental that you are living within this decade, in this era, and at this particular time.

You are relevant to God’s eternal agenda. God desires that you make your contribution to the advancement of his kingdom in a time like this. No one can carry out your assignment for you and you can’t find fulfillment carrying out another person’s assignment.


This book has been systematically written such that, anyone could understand in simple terms what purpose entails. As you digest it carefully, it will enlighten you on questions you have been searching for answers to.

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