Our last post was an interview on the topic THIS LONELY PATH I TREAD. Our guest shared his experience on how he discovered God’s assignment for him.

Today, we are reviewing a book that will guide you into the discovery of purpose.

Title: In Pursuit Of Vision
Author: David O. Oyedepo
Number of Chapters: 8
Number of Pages: 397

The book was written by Bishop David Oyedepo. It’s a book that sheds light on the reason why one has a vision in the first place.

The book guides the discovery of God’s assignment to man as individuals, the author shares his personal experiences to buttress his point.

The book is divided into eight chapters with their headings listed as


God created you with a purpose and the discovery of that purpose is what births your vision. God desires that you do exploits for him.

He designed you for greatness, but you would not discover this if you do not ask him. It takes a man that has a relationship with God and is sensitive to Him to understand what he has designed for his life.

How God Leads

God leads us by his word, his voice and the witness of His Spirit. The words He speaks are Spirit and life. He inspired Spirit filled men to put together his voice for us as the scriptures.

As we behold him, we become and conform to his image. God’s will is discerned in His word. His Spirit bears witness to the words He speaks. If you want to discover purpose, you must hear God, you must know His word and you must listen to the voice of His Spirit.


Only men that have a relationship with God can be led by him. Man fell in the beginning but Christ came to redeem us and restore us to Him.

The first step to being led by God is by accepting Christ. Only a man that has been reborn can follow God and hear him. At Salvation, he fills us with his Spirit and begins His work in our lives. As we grow, the fruit of the Spirit becomes evident, allowing meekness, gentleness and humility to be borne in us.


If you do not realize that you need something, you will not request for it. Yet, we must understand that God is willing to reveal his plans. If we seek him, we will find him. He reveals himself to those who seek him in prayer.

You can begin by communicating your needs and desires to live purposefully to him in prayer. Allow God to reveal his mind to you as you dwell in His presence.


The revelation of God’s words comes with a peace that surpasses understanding. No man can define or design your life as God desires. Every spirit must be tested.

You should guard against fleeces and doubts in order to prove the authenticity of God’s words. If God sent you, he would back you up.


Your gifts are paramount to fulfilling purpose. You are designed for your purpose. In fulling purpose, a specific location is always included. God has prepared a place of relevance for you.

Divine guidance would lead you there. The pursuit of your vision requires proper planning and preparation. Allow God to prepare you.

The Virtues of Divine Correction
• The Exploits of Vision

For more insight on the remaining chapters, I would advice you to read the book and learn more.

Quotes From The Book

  1. Your vision is the realization of your God given purpose and only God can successfully guide you to fulfil it. He is committed to guiding us, only if we are committed to following him.
  2. One wrong step can wreck our entire destiny. All that he shows to us has a time frame he desires that they be fulfilled, and only he can guide us in that time appropriately.
  3. Whatever God has assigned you to do holds a future. Your making is in following Christ.
  4.  If you don’t live for something, you will become nothing.
  5.  To live for one’s purpose is to become outstanding.
  6. Vision unfolds in phases and every vision was designed to be pursued.
  7.  Only men that are spiritual can connect to God’s divine plan.
  8.  Following God supernaturally distinguishes his followers.
  9. Every great future is rooted in discoveries from the scripture.
  10. You can no longer see possibilities when you have heard from the God of possibilities.
  11.  God won’t finance what he hasn’t commanded.
  12.  When it is commanded by God, he will perform it.
  13. The realization of God’s ultimate plan and purpose for you depends on your maturity.
  14. When God says ‘Go’, he goes before you to make the paths straight.
  15. Wherever you are called, you are anointed to function in that calling.
  16.  Be in the spirit and you will not miss the voice of God.
  17.  Follow God and he will make you.
  18. Submit to God’s guidance and he will lead you into glory & honour.
  19.  Until your song rises up to him, his voice of direction will not come down.
  20.  It takes a song from you, to hear a sound from heaven.
  21. Become a psalmist and you’ll always hear God’s voice.
  22.  God only reveals his plans to those who ask him.
  23. Every plan of God enjoys God’s hands on it
  24.  God is able to lead you on the path he has chosen for you.
  25. Every guidance that man receives from God is packaged with all that it takes to accomplish it.

If you have followed the book reviews, you’d have read three books this year, the more you read, the more understanding you get. Stay with us for the next post.

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