Interview with Anu Adeloye

Can we lose our identity? If such is true, how do we regain what we have lost? Our special guest shares her view on the topic.

We’d like to know you better, tell us about you.

I am Adeloye Anuoluwapo, the second of three children. I am a graduate of the University of Ibadan Ilesa Chapter where I studied Educational Management.

I am an Educationist, a Christian, and a lover of children and teenagers, wanting them to live a life of sexual purity as singles and be educationally sound.

What are your interests? What do you do ma?

Children and teenagers like I said above, then cooking and hospitality.

Growing up, did you ever struggle with having low self-esteem?

Yes. I still experience it, but I tend to shake it off when it tries to crip in.

 Identity crisis, what do you think this means ma?

Not understanding who we are hence not appreciating who we are.

What is your identity? How did you discover this?

First, my Identity is that I am a child of God. The understanding of this has kept me secured even when I didn’t know the detailed meaning of being a child of God.

I always carried the tag as a Pastor’s child from childhood, people have always seen me as morally excellent.  I tried to keep up with this name so that consciousness gave me my identity from childbirth.

Can we lose our identity?

Yes. I was reading and I noticed this in the book of 2 Peter 1 vs 4- 9. I noted that the less I know of my creator, the easier it becomes for me to forget who I am actually. The lesser my fellowship or the further I go from things that reveal God to me, the lesser I know about myself.

In a quest to now fit in, I tend to settle for whatever seems good to me and the Bible said this ends in destruction.

Identity comes with a responsibility, can you help us discuss this topic?

Yes knowing who I am in Christ comes with the responsibility of living differently and living as a standard to others. Once I know I am different from others, they start seeking my mistakes to point me out. I must make a conscious decision to be deliberate and extra careful as a Christian in any field I find myself either as a student, businesswoman or any profession I find myself. I am not expected to cheat in an exam hall, so I have to read ahead and have good grades.

In business, I must come out clean and neat so no one sees a fault in me in public. I might have to stay longer on a cleft knowing I can’t do what others do but it doesn’t mean I should be myopic in the fashion world etc

A word for those struggling with an Identity crisis

Pls first answer the question of who created YOU. If you have, go back to him and make sure you get an identity with Him till others see You carry HIS nature don’t stop seeking him and be prepared to stand different.

Thank you ma for the privilege. How can we contact you on social media?

08075432617 WhatsApp 

Anu  Adeloye on facebook


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