Here are deep thoughts to get you thinking, meditate on them.

1) If you’ll doubt any promise at all, don’t doubt HIS return; He will surely come

2) But for the breath of God in us, we would be dust

3) Christ lives in me and I live in Christ, all you see is Christ
4) Grace is the Father’s gift to humanity
5) When Grace is involved, the chief of sinners can become a preacher on fire
6) While Grace looks after the saved, Grace goes for the Lost
7) God can use you if only you’ll be willing
8) Grace gives tomorrow a new beginning, a better beginning
9) Come as you are, but come surrendered
10) The thought of home should lighten our hearts, this world is not our home
11) May our lives be summed up in simple words; To live is Christ, to die is gain
12) This is the summary of our testimony; Elected by grace
13) I am an expression of God’s divine creativity, wisdom, love and many more yet to be revealed
14) It’s okay to not know tomorrow but it is dangerous to not know the God that owns tomorrow
15) In the twinkle of an eye, we’ll be home
16) God is a perfect guide in the day time and the night time
17) May we find the courage to pray; Lead me to do your will and make your way plain for me to follow
18) Every man that comes to God can find a place in Him
19) Sight is restored in the midst of light
20) To shine is to eradicate the darkness
21) In God, Do you trust?
22) We will achieve results, but it’s God we want
23) From when we take our first breath, to when we breathe our last, we need God every step of the way
24) Purpose teaches us to have a focus. The end result; we become who God designed us to be
25) Come! See where I once lay, Once dead in Sin, now raised to life in Christ
26) Everything about Jesus speaks better things, his blood, his love, his word.
27) You cannot gather strength to conceive a vision conceived by the Holy Ghost, except by the Holy Ghost.

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  • Aanuoluwapo
    August 5, 2020 at 8:18 pm

    Very deep words of truth to feed the mind with.


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