Every man is born tabula rasa, knowing nothing except nothing! Everything that makes up his knowledge is a product of learning from his environment, and that includes his language. The language of communication with the triune God is the language of the Spirit and no one is a master of that language. Only when one accepts Christ is s/he sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise- Eph 4:30.

My Experience

In my sophomore year at the University, I wondered why people had so much problems that could only be resolved by holding vigils at cold nights. And in the same scene were those who would rather sleep through the cold nights beaten by misquotes.

I couldn’t come to terms with why a man would go through such stress when he could rather sleep in the comfort of his room?!

Well, while I pondered on this puzzle often, I used to thank my God for not being afflicted with many problems from my father’s house or my mother’s village? (Lol). Little did I know that the reason was because I had not been taken over by the One who is called the Spirit of prayer!

If the one who teaches is called a teacher, and the one who farms is a farmer, then, what is called the one who prays?

Until God showed me mercy and caused me to have an encounter with the Spirit of prayer, I struggled with praying. Prayer was boring; it was tasking and herculean.

Not that I don’t still struggle, I do, very much! Matter-of-factly, one major struggle for me is that I have become strictly organized, too planned, tightly traditional with my schedule that even when the Spirit beckons strongly, I still want to stick to my rudimentary prayer hour. From this struggle, God must deliver me.

Another is that, inherent in every man and much more in me is the sublime desire to boast of my prayer exploits. As much as I try to restrain myself, there’s this subtle desire to amass the glory of long prayer hours to myself. But unfortunately, the Spirit that enables me to pray is not seen or heard. HE does the work within and through me and he never struggles with me in my boasts.

Equally important to note is the fact that any man who boasts in how long he prays has not started to pray at all because the recommendation of Jesus and Apostle Paul was that we should pray without ceasing Luke 18:1; 1Thess5:17!

The Revelation

There are two and half mysteries that I have unravelled in my few moments of rapport with the Spirit of prayer:

  1. Prayer was never designed to be a one-off event. Hence, no man can pray enough! It was made to launch us into deeper depths of prayer-full experience and to push us God-ward. This explains that the more one tastes of prayer, the more one desires to pray again. Have you prayed, pray again!
  2. The eternal bliss of joy, peace and grace that transcends every mortal is such that a man can never get tired of asking. Little wonder Jesus says we should ask until our joy is full. Jhn 16:34.
  3. If your requests were caged in clothes and cars, you’d have tired out your list. But for grace, peace, bliss, and a contrite heart to serve Him and do His will in all reverential fear, there is no end to asking. Oh the depth of the riches of His mercies- Rom 11:33!
    2½. No man can patent what the Spirit gives. No matter how graced and blessed such a man is, he must still be a servant to the Spirit who gives the gift.

How to pray

No man is sufficient to teach another what he is in mercy of because we don’t know what we should pray for as we ought (Rom8:26).

For even the holiest of saints can’t teach what he has to be helped to do whenever he wants to. He also has to be a student to the Spirit in order to pray.

In essence, there are no methods, no techniques, no schemes. We all must be student of the Spirit at all times.

To be “prayer-full” is not a function of prayer meetings. To be a regular attendant to prayer meetings doesn’t mean one gives himself to prayer as he ought- Acts 6:4. Why should I have to wait for fellowship prayer meeting or my planned schedule prayer hour before I can pray?! The thought of this loathes me.

Every man’s struggle with Prayer is on this side of eternity. As long as you’re on this terra firma, clothed in mortality and corruption, struggle with prayer is unavoidable. Howbeit, this too must not be a reason for slack. To pray as the men of old did, one must quest for prayer.

Hunger for Prayer

Prayer rests on a tripod stand; one is praise and worship; another is the Word of God; and finally is hunger.

Prayer is like fire. Fire needs three things to burn; air; fuel; and the fire itself. As long as fuel is provided and air is supplied, fire keeps burning.

So, what a fire extinguisher does is to expunge oxygen from the blazing furnace which makes it dies naturally. Sin expunges the “air” needed for the fire of prayer to run! Sin creates an unpalatable scene that causes a spritual stench.

If prayer will burn like a mighty unquenchable inferno in your heart, then the oxygen of worship must attend to the fuel of the Word of God, mixed with your personal hunger.

Voice of Truth


What Next?

Do you still struggle with Prayer? Do you desire to have an encounter with the Spirit? Verily verily I say unto you, Pentecost cometh unto thee!

Have you been ridden rough shod by men? Pray! Are you a regular prey in the claws of sin and immorality? Pray!

Does the stench from your life disgust you? Pray! Do you bear needless burdens and pains? Pray! Have you started to enjoy the blessedness of an unbroken communion with the LORD? Pray yet again! Have you prayed enough? Pray again, again!

You too can cry aloud like the disciples of old- LORD, teach us NOT how to pray but teach us to pray- Luke 11:1! Teach us prayer as the quintessential act of self-humbling. Teach us to pray responsively- in an unscheduled and unplanned manner.

Only the One who has given Himself to Prayer, such that He is Prayer Himself and bears the fullness of the Spirit of prayer can we ask that He teaches us to pray aright.

Don’t Stop Praying

Have you prayed? Pray again! And pray again, again. For there’s always a gain to gain in praying again!

So, then, what has been my gain, my profit and my exploit? My greatest exploit is in my praying weakness. It is in the very fact that I cannot pray without the Holy Spirit.

My greatest gain is in my deepest pain that I, an erstwhile child of hell, can contend for the souls of men and land them on the bliss shore of Heaven.

It is in the fact that whenever I pray, I’m plunged into a deeper depth to pray more and more. And as I leave prayer, I come back with a greater hunger as though I’ve not prayed at all. This is an experience I don’t want to tire from.

LORD, thou great teacher, teach us to pray and to pray again!

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  • Amaka
    October 31, 2020 at 1:39 pm

    Very Inspiring

  • Favour Fasanya
    November 4, 2020 at 1:33 am

    A long read. But it was worth it. Thank you!

  • Ernest Bweupe
    November 12, 2020 at 12:54 pm

    I’m so grateful for this inspiring and very enlightening write up!!
    I’m currently having difficulty in prayer and iv been herein instructed that the only antidote is PRAYER!!
    Thank you once again.
    Brother Ernest from Lusaka,Zambia.

    • Bliss Nwoke
      November 12, 2020 at 9:40 pm

      Wow! Thank you so much for reading.

  • TD Jakes Sermons
    November 14, 2020 at 2:01 pm

    Great and nice , we love you


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