I was privileged to be on the location for the movie coming from this great drama ministry. 

‘Master Planner’ and ‘Master Builder’ are progressions of the movie ‘Master Driver’. If you haven’t seen the movie, click HERE.

The production phase (shooting) of the two short movies had been scheduled to hold, beginning on the 1st of October 2020, to end on the 5th of October 2020.

Voice of Truth

Crew and Cast

The Director of Photography, film maker Kunle Adepoju, along with his assistant, film editor Oluwasegunfunmi Akionla, and the gaffer, Evangelist David Dosunmu, arrived Ilesha (venue for the production) around 6pm on the day preceding the commencement of the movie shoot.

Voice of Truth

On Set

Other crew members along with casts arrived the location base in good time. The location kicked off on the scheduled date without further delay.

The producers of the movie, Mr and Mrs Joseph Ajiboye appreciated the cast and crew for their willingness and availability to engage in the work of the kingdom. They testified to the unity and love that existed among the brethren all through the days allocated for the shooting of the movie.

Voice of Truth

The Director and Mummy Bamitale as Casts

Among the casts invited for the location were Evangelist and Evangelist Mrs Segun Badejo of The Gideons Missions, Mummy Oluwabunmi Bamitale (popularly known as Lady Booming) , Miss Fisayo Adeniji, Mr Michael Opatunde and many others.

Voice of Truth

Daddy Badejo and Mrs Victoria Ajiboye as Casts

It was recorded that the daughter of the Director of Photography, Gifted Adepoju celebrated her birthday while her Dad was on the location. Mummy Bamitale also clocked 41 right there on the location. These ones were celebrated by everyone present on the set and also earnestly prayed for.

The movie shoot was indeed a success, cast and crew were well catered for and all needs were attended to.

Voice of Truth

Cast and Crew

After 5 days, it was officially declared a wrap at about 6 pm on the 5th of October 2020.

Testimonies began rolling in immediately after the location phase was concluded. Everyone present on the set could affirm that indeed it was a time well spent.

The producer, Mr. Joseph Ajiboye, expressed his gratitude to God almighty, for His mercies are ever faithful, ever sure.

Voice of Truth

The Producer, Mr. Joseph Ajiboye

He reminded everyone present on set to be fervent in Spirit, serving the Lord, even as they departed to their various homes.

The crew members who worked on the set of the movie include:

  1. Mr. Oladimeji Clement (Director)
  2. Mr. Kunle Adepoju (Director of Photography)
  3. Mr. Oluwasegunfunmi Akinola (Assistant Director of Photography)
  4. Mr. Oluwaseun Esan (Production Manager)
  5. Mr. Damilare Salami (Assistant Production manager)
  6. Mr. Felix Arowoogun (Continuity Manager)
  7. Mr. David Olawale (Assistant Continuity manager)
  8. Mr. David Dosunmu (Gaffer)
  9. Mr. Faith Olojede (Transportation and Logistics Manager)
  10. Mr. Oluwafemi John (Welfare Manager)
  11. Mr. Oluwatoki Fowoke (Logistics Manager)
  12. Mr. Oluwatosin Olayioye (Location Manager)
  13. Mr. Michael Opatunde (Welfare Manager)
  14. Miss Omobola Akinjoyegbe (Makeup Artist)
  15. Mr. Ademola Babalola (Assistant Gaffer)
  16. Mr. Zacheus Oloyede (Assistant Gaffer)
    Voice of Truth

    The Director of Photography at work

Master Planner and Master Builder are movies that every Christian should watch. In this journey of life, who directs your life? Have you surrendered all to the one who knows best?

Permit me to withhold details pertaining the movie. Anticipate the release of this movie.


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