We are here again! The topic of discussion on the blog for this month, is the movie coming from NCCF KEBBI. If you haven’t heard about it, you’ve missed a lot. But don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Before you read the post below, click HERE to catch up on the last post.

Today we’ll be learning from the NCCF State Drama Director herself. From stage to screen, how has the journey been so far? Let’s get started.

Who is Busayo Dorcas Olufemi?

I am Busayo Dorcas Olufemi, born into the family of Pastor & Mrs Olufemi Oladele in the early ‘90s.

I was born into the family of God on 24th of October, 2006 but I yielded to God totally in the year 2010.



By the grace of God I am a drama minister, a writer, a spoken word artiste and a student/teacher of the word.

I have a growing passion for teenagers and children but the full expression of my calling lies in the ministry of Drama – reaching all through the drama ministry.

Serving in Kebbi, was it part of the plan?

No, it was never part of the plan. My intention was to serve in the west; Oyo or Ogun to be precise and I had reasons for this.

But God began to speak to me that I will serve in the North and the state will be a 5 letter word.

After struggling with it, the state I settled for was Niger state and trust me, it was the first state I chose because I had been there before and I had family there.

But, Lo and behold, when I printed my call-up letter, Dakingari, Kebbi State was staring at me and I don’t even remember it being one of my options.

The beginning of peculiar people, tell us about it

After NCCF Kebbi State Conference with the theme “The chosen generation”, the anchor scripture 1 Peter 2vs9 never left my heart. Then the question “why are the chosen ones, the peculiar people, those who have been called out of darkness falling back into that same darkness?



The answer I got was that the kingdom of darkness has never given up, war has been declared!
Then I put the story together and the synopsis. As I was about writing the script, God instructed me to hand it over to someone, trust me she wrote my mind. It was staged during our Drama fiesta.

From stage to screen, how did this happen?

All I can see is God. During the rehearsal for the stage ministration, the Lord began to speak to me on the need for the message to travel far but I didn’t know how to go about it because it seemed big to me. I discussed it with Oluwalonibliss and my unit executives. They gave many suggestions and advice but it still looked bigger than what we could achieve, so I abandoned it.

Towards, the ending of June, God kept reminding me everyday about the work I abandoned and it became a burden in my heart. I picked it up again and here we are today. Glory be to God who made the impossible possible.

I must also appreciate the State Chairman, Ofukwu Matthew, my predecessor Akinola Iseoluwa, Oluwalonibliss, executives and members of Rehoboth Drama for believing and supporting the vision for the movie project.

Your experience as the State Drama Director

The experience has been wonderful, serving with my fellow State executives in a time like this has been full of lessons and testimonies. I also want to bless God for the gift of men, starting from all State Executives especially those who are members of Rehoboth Drama, to all Rehoboth Executives, down to all members. They have been so committed and supportive, this made the work so easy and together we have achieved a lot.

What challenges did you face?

I will not be wrong if I say I didn’t have any challenge as far as my office as the State Drama Director is concerned, because before a challenge shows up, God would have taken care of it. But for the movie project, we had the challenge of finance and also having to change the location schedule due to unforeseen circumstances.

But we give glory to God because all things worked together for our good.

What should we expect from this movie?

Peculiar people will surely be a blessing to the world. Expect many lessons from it, expect prayer points that will change your life, above all, expect to see God through the movie.

A word for NCCF State Drama directors across the nation

You are going places. Please don’t despise your small beginning. Just keep going in the footsteps of Christ, exposing the works of the devil through your ministrations.

God has made us a voice in His vineyard and in the Drama Ministry. Let’s express it to the fullness, don’t allow any circumstance lower your horizon.

And finally, keep praying to God to give you full expression and leading on what to write, who to choose as drama ministers (cast) in every ministration. This is very important because the vessel has great influence on the content, the carrier of the message is as important as the message.

A word for our readers

Always put your absolute trust in God, believe Him, hold on to His word and promises. Though the work/project He has committed into your hands might be BIG, be rest assured that you have a God that is BIGGER. It is not about you, it is not about the work/project, it is not even about the available resources, IT IS ALL ABOUT GOD.

How can we contact you on social media?

Busayo Olufemi on Facebook
Dara_omo_alara on IG
08166267507 on WhatsApp

From Stage to Screen, you’ve heard from the State Drama Director. I amongst many others await the arrival of this movie patiently and excitedly. 

I sincerely appreciate your comments on the previous post. I learnt a lot from your thoughts. If you haven’t dropped a comment, leave me one. I’d be glad to read them.

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See you on soon.

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