It’s yet another day in this beautiful year. It’s another moment to learn. As the year progresses, enough exposition will be done on our theme via, articles, book reviews, guests post, and also interview questions.

Our last guest emphasized that LIVING FOR GOD is essential, for this is what God desires.

Today, our guest will be answering questions based on personal experiences. I believe we can learn from each other. Perhaps, you have been or you are also in these shoes, the answers provided could be the pointers or directives that you need to find your path too.

You’re welcome, we’re glad to have you. Tell us about you and what you do?

I am Alokan Oluwaseun Peter also known as Oluwaseun Cephas.  I would say just one thing, I TAKE JESUS DIGITAL.

I am intentional about raising a generation of men who will represent Christ in every way in the digital space.

I utilize all digital devices for the propagation of the gospel. You can contact me via the links I’ll be leaving at the end of this interview, to get more information on what I do.

So far, how can you say your journey in life has been?

It has been glorious and full of different surprises. When you walk with God, it becomes adventurous every day.

 Tell us about your salvation story

I was once a stubborn boy. I had stolen my mum’s money as I used to then and my mum was ready to beat me to a stupor so I ran from home.

I didn’t sleep at home that faithful day. I went to sleep in front of a shop under a table in a place called Command, Ajasa in Lagos.

Early in the morning, I got up and decided to find a prayer mountain in Ogun State (that was prompted by the Holy Spirit). I walked almost 30km to 40km just to look for the prayer mountain and that was where I gave my life to Christ.

My picture was everywhere as a missing child. I called my family the 5th day after I got to the prayer mountain. It was an adventurous encounter.

At what can you say you began to live your life for God?

I would say when I got born again but majorly during 2012. I joined in the 40 days fasting before Easter. Though I didn’t go through all the days, I partook in more than 20 days.

God gave me the name “Cephas” during that time. Since then, my life began to have meaning. I know I am living for a purpose.

As far as purpose is concerned, can you say you have found yours?

Yes, I have.

What would be the greatest achievement for you in life?

That in the end, I discover that I have truly lived a life God purposely called me to live.

What hinders man from making a decision where he surrenders all to God?

I would say the pleasures of the world. The desires of the world always deprive man of surrendering all to God. Remember the rich man Jesus asked to forsake all and follow Him, the man was bitter and couldn’t do that.

God does not accept partial surrender but total surrender. That is, everything you do in life should be because of God. Nothing should be worth more than God. Even your highest degree or position becomes nothing.

How has your decision to live for God influenced your life so far?

It has influenced me greatly. If Jesus has not taken anything from you since you got born again, it is not the Jesus that died on the cross.

My decision to live for God is the greatest decision I have made. It has given me the direction for a greater future and a purposeful life. I am currently living a fulfilled life.

Have you at any point experienced challenges or difficulty as a result of this decision?

Yes, very well. I remember when God told me to abandon my company and use it for His kingdom, it was a hard decision to make but now that I have surrendered all to Him, He can do anything with it.

I have resigned from a job, switched the desired location, given out everything I had on me, and many more based on God’s instructions.
But, one thing is, I have never regretted any decision.

What words of advice can you give to our readers?

Find who you are, motivational speakers cannot tell you. Don’t be deceived! Only God knows who he has called you to be.

Seek the face of God and determine where you are meant to feature in the eternal agenda of God.

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