In our last post, our guest talked about the importance of LIVING FOR GOD; THE SUMMER OF OUR LIVES. It was indeed an enlightening write-up. 

Today, our guest will be talking about his personal experience. He is the founder and owner of We have a lot to learn from him.

Perhaps, you have been or you are also in these shoes, the answers provided could be the pointers or directives that you need to find your path to.

You’re welcome, we’re glad to have you. Tell us about you and what you do?

My name is Abatan SAMUEL Aduragbemi from Oyo state, Nigeria. I am a Writer, a Speaker, and a Kingdom Blogger.

I’m committed to raising a generation of Purpose-driven young men & women who’d accurately represent Christ across the key spheres of influence (the Media, Government, Politics, Education, Religion, Family, and Arts & Entertainment).

I equally run some digital Ministries (including &, all of which also facilitate the fulfillment of the aforementioned mandate.

 So far, how can you say your journey in life has been?

Well, my journey in life has been a very fulfilling one, especially after I finally discovered the reason for my existence.

 Tell us about your salvation story

I’ve always been a very active member of the church, but despite my utmost commitment, I still had some secret sins & addictions I often indulged in.

I tried everything I could to overcome (including fasting and Prayer), but I kept falling flat whenever the temptation came. This vicious cycle continued for several years & it robbed me of several valuable things Spiritually and Mentally.

However, God’s grace finally located me on a fateful Sunday afternoon, after hearing a young man of God preach about the power of secret sin. It’s not that I’ve never heard such teaching before, but that particular sermon got me that day. It was right there that the holy spirit started convicting me that the reason for my perpetual fall was because I so much relied on my strength rather than trusting him for strength.

I went out for altar call that afternoon, confessed my sins, and wept bitterly that day. To the glory of God, I’m no longer a slave to those addictions today. Oh, what a remarkable experience! 😍 ☺

Tell us about this lonely path and how it began?

I struggled a lot with low self-esteem, spiritual lukewarmness, and utmost confusion when I was much younger. I often questioned God for placing me on the earth planet at a time like this – because life meant nothing to me.

I was completely depressed to a point that I started wishing myself dead. So, the struggle continued for years, until one Thursday morning (10th December). That day I was reading a book on purpose, and as I continued the reading, I heard a voice within telling me that “do you know that several young people are living a confused and purposeless life out there? Do you know the number of people dying with their God-given potentials untapped? Do you know that this is why you were sent here? – to help them realize the reason for their existence & walk in it to the fullest.”

It was an emotional day for me. Ever since I discovered this, my path in life started becoming clearer and my passion for young people even deeper.

What do you intend to achieve from committing yourself to this assignment?

My vision is to see that every young man and woman maximize their potentials, fulfill their purpose, and dies empty before leaving this earth planet.

Have you ever been discouraged and how do you overcome challenges?

Yes. I’ve experienced that so many times. But God has always been faithful. Kindly permit me to share just two of them.

Somewhere around 2019, I conceived the idea to start a sermon upload portal ( but, I couldn’t afford the startup cost. Although I was working as a freelance writer then, but the money wasn’t just enough to foot the bill.

And consequently, I resorted to begging people online (both on Facebook, nairaland, and some WhatsApp groups) to help sponsor it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to raise a dime throughout that period. So, I decided to just pend the project, trust God for Helpers & move on with life.

A few weeks down the line, I started receiving more writing gigs than ever before, and I started saving gradually for the startup fee. Immediately the money was 100% complete, I purchased the hosting plan and started the necessary setup that same day. That day is one of my happiest days on earth.
That’s all about that.

Another challenge I faced was getting reliable and like-minded team members. When the ministry just started, I was the only one doing the entire work, ranging from uploading sermons to updating the social media platforms, designing the graphic works, and many more. There were times that I’d sit with the laptop from morning till night without eating any reasonable food all through. However, God decided to change the story by sending men who are not just passionate but are also of the same vision and mindset.

When it comes to overcoming discouragement, this is what I usually do. I try to reflect on God’s promises concerning the ministry as well as the broad vision, and before I know my passion is ignited again.

What has been your source of encouragement?

I’ve been there before. I understand what it means to live a confused and purposeless life. Therefore, I’m always passionate about helping people – especially the younger generation – realize that there is a reason for their existence.

What words of advice can you give to our readers?

Please do everything possible to discover your purpose on earth & decide to die EMPTY.

There’s a reason why God has sent you to this world at a time like this, and there are certain people that God has sent you to heal and give hope to. Please Don’t fail them!

Also, don’t be too faster or smarter than God. He’s the owner of the work. Let him direct you on how he wants the work to be done.

You’ve heard it all, whatever is committed into God’s hands, he can keep. I’m also glad to let you know that the hangout was a success. I will share pictures soon. Do you have questions to ask our guest for today? Drop a comment in the box below! 

See you soon!

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