‘Identity comes with a responsibility’ what does this mean?

Our readers would like to meet you ma.

My name is John Blessing Uyo. I’m a child of God and a philosopher. I have interest in reaching out to kids and teenagers.

Life so far, how has it been?

I would say it had been full of bittersweet experiences and God keeps holding me up.

Tell us ma, have you found yourself disliking your personality, looks or bodily features?

I was not comfortable with my sweaty palms and feet, I wished I had dry palms and feet like every other person.

Growing up, what did you detest most about yourself?

Yes, there were times I felt I was not good enough. I wanted to be a bit taller, put on a little weight and be outspoken.

I felt I was not good enough, so most times I would just sit back and observe instead of being a part of whatever is going on.

When did you discover who you are?

I discovered my identity during the University days.

Our theme for the week is identity, have you ever struggled with this?

Yes, at a point in my life it seemed as though I was the only one without a gift. I had friends who could sing, write, act and do a lot of things but I struggled with all these.

I questioned God severally and it seemed He was quiet on me until light finally shone.

Identity crisis, what do you think this means ma?

Identity crisis simply put is that moment where you struggle to answer the question “who am I” and “what am I called to be?”

How can we overcome identity crisis?

We overcome the moment we find our place in God. Our true identity is in God. Once we find this out, the next stage is to believe in who God says we are and then act as such.

What is your identity? How did you discover this?

I am God’s jewel and I am deeply loved by Him.
I may decide to define myself by my qualifications, successes, interest, appearance and the likes but what happens when all of these changes?

Can we lose our identity?

Yes,the prodigal son moved from being a son to a slave, although he knew his father and even got a share of his father’s property his choices made him suffer.

For the prodigal son his choice made him lose his identity, to some it may be ignorance.

Identity comes with responsibility, can you help us discuss this topic?

Who you are goes a long way in determining what you do. A doctor for example can’t just acquire all the trainings and decide to sit back, it would be a wasted effort.

Imagine Jesus didn’t die, He won’t have been able to save the world, although He was aware of his mission and performed several miracles on earth he still had to die on the cross. You may never fulfil purpose if you don’t wake up to responsibility. Knowing your identity is not good enough, pay the price!

A word for those struggling with Identity crisis.

The only place you can find answers is in God, stay with Him until you get answers don’t try to figure it out logically, you’ll get frustrated.

You struggle because you feel you’re not good enough or you want to be more.

For people struggling to accept who they are, what’s your advice to them?

I was always around worshippers, writers, drama ministers, and anointed preachers. I didn’t fall into any of these categories so I felt mine was not good enough. How could I have explained to people that I loved helping people?

I love putting smiles on people’s face and reaching out to kids and teenagers. I felt there should have been more to my life than just these but the truth is no matter how you run from it, it keeps starring at you in the face and the only time you find fulfillment is when you function in that which makes you You!

Quit the struggle and start living

How can we contact you on social media?

Blessing Uyo John on Facebook
Blessing_uyo on Instagram


  • Mercy Orimoloye O.
    August 14, 2020 at 8:22 pm

    This was awesome ma! Bravo! May the Lord bless and enlarge VOICE OF TRUTH! Amen. Well done Sis. Bliss. And Sis. Blessing thanks for all the words. They are refreshing and enriching altogether.

  • Istifanus Nzitiri Bwala
    August 16, 2020 at 8:15 am

    What a good job done by you people, may God continue to bless and enlarge the vision. Of a truth am blessed, encouraged, and lifted. God bless”VOICE OF TRUTH”

    • Nwoke Bliss
      August 16, 2020 at 7:43 pm

      Thank you so much! God bless you abundantly!


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