So let me tell you the story of a young lady, born in a known city

The story of a lady so perfect and graced,
A woman of character, so fair a maiden
Never been kissed, never been touched
Never been soiled, since she was born
You ask how I know?
You ask how I heard?
These facts were gotten from what I read
It was written of her,
It was said of her,
Before the Lord, this lady was favored
Something about her, that I can’t describe
As far as God was concerned, there was no one like her
A virtuous woman who can find,
She was a good thing, for she had been found

Here she comes, but the expression on her face does not approve my words, what could be wrong?
What is the cause of this sad song?
I want to know more

And Mary comes in wailing and complaining
Who will believe her report?
A pregnant virgin? It’s never been heard of
What would she tell Joseph, her husband to be?
What would she tell her parents?
Everything was fine until the Angel came with his song

Who will believe your report?
Who will affirm that the words of your mouth, are far from being false?
Madam, how do I believe that the child in your womb was conceived by a supernatural being?
Look into my eyes and explain the biological action, the fertilization, the reproductive systems being activated, without the intervention of a human being?
What explanation do you want to give to the men on the streets, the women at the market, the maidens of the land, the fathers in the farms, elders in the council, the leaders in the synagogue?
This mystery you claim was revealed to you, has never happened in history
How can you break the rules of conception?
How can you bypass the laws of reproduction?
Who will believe your report?
You know what I think?
Absolutely no one!

So Mary is in tears, wallowing in fear
What would Joseph think?
Would he still care?

Here comes a noble man
Man of courage, man of valor
Caring to the core, faithful in all
A man of his word, lover of one
Center of attraction, for His lady and many more
Who wouldn’t want a man who had the thoughts of his lady upon his heart?
A man so faithful and true
Committed to his lover and dedicated too
A noble man who can find?
A deep lover, rare and kind
How many men can be described with these words?
As far as she was concerned, he was her choice amongst all
But, I begin to wonder if he’s aware
Has he been told that the woman of his dreams is carrying life within
This life that I speak of, is a child that’s not his
Has he been told, that his virgin Lady, carries a seed that’s not his own?
And Joseph tells her the truth, his original intentions over the matter was to keep mute
To put her aside and forget he has a bride
But the Angel had come, to sing him a different song
He had received a word, and that settled it all
He whispered to her ears, how he’s chosen to love her again
And stay with her all along the way
He wasn’t afraid to kill his sexual desires,
His feelings for intimacy too.

I’m amazed that a matter so great and important
Was settled with a word, because God was involved
And this noble man, Joseph held his bride to his side What more could she ask for?
His words of assurance, his tender touch of love
Holding the one his heart deeply loved,
He pledged his allegiance, and reaffirmed his love
No longer would she fear being put to shame
With his actions, she was saved
From the mockery of men, the gossips of women
The hatred of rivals
Indeed, she understood that love was deeper than words
Nine months down the lane, and my lady was in pain
For he Said to the woman ‘ In sorrow thou shalt bring forth children’
This couple realized that the time had come
For their first child, or rather God’s Child in their custody to be born into the world
How do you gather strength to deliver a child conceived by the Holy Ghost, except by the Holy ghost?
The contractions didn’t seize, the cramps didn’t go
The child could have tarried longer in the womb, but nature said no!
For the time had come, for divinity to synchronize with humanity


Joseph searches in and out, up and down
Mary is wailing, holding him tight
They look to the right, they look to the left
But they find no room, to lay their head.

There was no room in the inn
No space within, for the savior to be born
For Mary to give birth to our Lord
They had to make a decision,
The manger was the only option
Born in a manger you say,
What was God thinking?
That the son of man, the son of God
Be born where sheep lay
Where else do you think that the Lamb of God should be born?
Where do you think that the lamb slain for the sins of the world should be laid?
A lamb that was slain, before the world had a name
Was laid by a sheep, was visited by shepherds
Yet to think God was unwise, to not have give him a birth of grand style
Maybe, just maybe, it was planned by Him
So we can learn great lessons, you and I
And Mary gives birth to our Lord
The savior of the world
Who could have thought, that God, as the son, would take such lowly form
Conclusively, his plans and thoughts, no human can fathom

So this story began when a virgin afar was visited by a messenger
Good tidings did he bring, but such tidings only interrupt the life of a man
God stepped into a courtship and chose it for his own
God changed the story of a relationship,
A couple’s ship, became his boat
God interrupted the life of two people,
And gave them no more, a life of their own
From the moment the Holy Ghost was involved,
They submitted to a plan unprepared for
Think about the virgin Mary, maiden like you, maiden like I
Think about the noble Joseph, strong enough to obey every instruction of the Lord
Think about the baby Jesus, 100% man 100% God
Think about the day the course of  humanity was forever changed
Think about the God that planned it all, wisdom personified
And this is the reason why we’re ever able to gather today

Son of man, Son of God
We’re forever glad that you came!


  • Ifeoluwa
    July 4, 2020 at 5:30 pm


  • Oluwapelumi
    July 4, 2020 at 5:57 pm

    I am forever grateful for His Birth.

    • Nwoke Bliss
      July 4, 2020 at 7:50 pm

      We are forever grateful that he came.


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