One day Jesus was praying in a certain place. When he finished, one of his disciples said to him, “Lord, teach us to pray, just as John taught his disciples” Luke 11:1

Lord, help us to watch and pray
For in this we shall never stray
Oh that we may be on our knees
To present our needs.
The line of doubt, prayer makes now clear
Thy promises prayer brings now near.
To pray is to receive help each day
And not to pray is help decay.
Lord teach us to Pray!

Prayer is communication they say
Conveying our heartfelt desires from the deepest part of our hearts
Unto our father who sees them all:
Our every cry
The tears that never stopped rolling
The silent sobs.
The mysterious murmurs
Yet Lord, teach us to pray.
Until our hearts can touch you, sending waves of the supernatural life down to our Lives
Until you breathe your life into us and there is no longer room for ourselves
Until our fleshy lusts and desires are consumed totally in your Love
Lord, teach us to pray.

Voice of Truth


We must understand that communication is never complete without feedback
We are tired of reeling out our long list of requests and reciting them into your ears each time
Without looking at your face to also catch a glimpse of your burning desires.
We also must have itchy ears to hear what you have to say unto us.
So that we also may see what you see.
Our hearts must be eager to receive from you, speak to us in an accent clear and still
So Lord, teach us to pray!

When we are completely enraptured by your Love
And our prayers transcend the crave to consume them, our lusts
With our hearts filled with compassion imparting our prayers
When we travail as in birth for souls, till we see your kingdom established
Until our prayers bring us to a place of alignment with your very will
When we can partner with the spirit who helps our frailty, searching the deep things of God
Helping us to understand the mysteries of God.
Then, we begin to understand what prayer truly is.
All other help we will receive through prayers on our knees
We therefore humbly ask again
Lord, teach us to Pray!

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