How can a woman, called adulterer, be given a second chance, not condemned but allowed to
breathe again?
Let’s ask Grace
This king murdered Uriah and took his wife, they had a son, he planned it all. He did repent, yet,
about this King it was recorded that he was a man after God’s own heart
Let’s ask Grace
Persecutor of the church! No longer Saul, now Apostle Paul. One you’ll call the chief of sinners,
now a preacher on fire
Let’s ask Grace
How Zacchaeus, the tax collector could encounter Christ and see a need for restitution
Let’s ask Grace
What about me, I had no direction, no zeal, sin had a firm grip on me, but now I’ve been set free
Let’s ask Grace
So Grace, what do you have to say?
And Grace says
‘The Father loved His son yet he gave him up to save the world
The Father loved the world, so he watched his creation crucify his Son
This same Father commended his love towards us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died
for all
While Grace looks after the saved, Grace goes for the lost
For there is not a single one that Christ did not die for
So the man lost today, can be saved tomorrow
The wanderer today, can find home tomorrow
The people in darkness can see a great light
The veil can be torn, that soul can be won
So let man come boldly before my throne and obtain mercy in time of need
Let all who thirst come and drink
Many can find their way, if they reach out to me
I’m still saving men, and I always will

Signed; The Father’s gift to humanity

Saved by GRACE alone


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