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Then I said,

Behold, I have come– In the volume of the book it is written of me– To do Your will, O God.” (Hebrews 10:7 NKJV)

Our God is a God of purpose, He does things with a specific purpose(s). He created and fashioned us and sent us into this world for a purpose-His purpose.

This purpose is the reason for our existence, which engages us in what gives total fulfillment and in turn releases sweet-smelling savor to God. To discover, pursue and fulfill a divine purpose, we must submit to God who has the master plan for our lives.


Every individual on the surface of the earth is living for something or someone. Whatever is the motivation for what we do is what we live for; it may be money, career, relationship, family, and so on.

We are said to be living for God when we make it our priority and aim to please Him. Living for God entails;

  •  Showing forth Christ in everything we do, living just to see Him glorified
  • Denying ourselves of our selfish desires “…Not my will but yours be done.” Luke 22:42
    • Living a life of purpose, exactly as it is written in the volume of the book
    • Being led and controlled by God
    • Making God our only option


The summer of human life is the most energetic and youthful season that comes with strength, growth, responsibilities, and challenges.

As Youths and Adults in our twenties and thirties, a level of maturity and growth is being attained and life’s realities, challenges, and trials become so real. We are bothered with many things like education, career, and marriage which we would never have considered as children.

This season only comes once in a lifetime. If wasted or misused, it can never be regained.

The summer is the season between sowing and reaping. In spring we sowed, we came into a relationship with Jesus, and in the summer there is a need to water our lives and remove weeds. We are to nurture our relationship with God and get rid of all hindrances to Living for Him.

The Peak Of Our Strength

Proverbs 20:29 declares that the glory of young men is their strength. As youths, we may never be as strong and energetic later in life as we are now.

At this point, we can exercise strengths to the fullest of our capacity. As we attain the peak of our strength we must beware of how we live our lives because it will determine what will become of us in old age.


If I tell you that living for God means you will never face storms, I have lied. Life comes with troubles, regardless of whether or not we are living for God. Storms of life are part of the summer experience which will either strengthen or weaken our faith in God.

Don’t focus on the storms, focus on God and you rest assured that He will bring peace and calm to your life.


In summer, youths are more likely to misplace priorities. Misplaced priority can be seen as giving more priority to something that indeed should require less attention.

This is usually caused by distractions. Living for God is the main reason why God created us. Relationships should be cherished, career is good, money is needed but it becomes a problem when we place them above living for God (Matt. 6:33).

The moment we begin to misplace our priorities, we indirectly procrastinate the real essence of our being.

Living for God is not limited to a season of our lives, it should be done throughout our lives. The summer specifically being the most energetic of all seasons should be used to pursue a larger part of our purpose.

Are you in your teens, twenties, or thirties? You can never be your present age twice. Learn to maximize your time.


  • We are assured of His presence: when we live for God we literarily carry the presence of God around. We rest assured that He is with us because we are doing His will and living for Him.
  • We produce lasting fruits: When we live for God we are in Union with Him, which brings about fruitfulness on all sides. John 15:5.
  • Our protection and security are guaranteed: Living for God guarantees security. When we make God our priority, He makes our lives His priority. No man will be able to stand against us as long as we are doing the king’s business. Joshua 1:5, Isaiah 26:3
  • Divine Guidance: We can’t make mistakes when God leads. He makes us perfect just as He is when we live for Him. The evidence that we are truly living for God is that we are led and controlled by him.
  • Fulfillment. We can only be fulfilled when we have completed our God-given purpose. Living for God will eventually bring fulfillment, we complete our divine assignment.
  • Divine Rest. After David served God’s purpose in his generation, he fell asleep (Acts 13:36). Those who truly love God throughout their lives will find rest here on earth and hereafter.


As youths, we need to come to the understanding that we do not have forever to live here on Earth. As such, whatever we want to do must be done now when we have the strength and time.

Don’t let the excitement of youth cause you to forget your Creator. Honor him in your youth before you grow old and no longer enjoy living. Ecclesiastes 12:1NLT.

There is time for everything, we must therefore discern the season we are and make living for God a priority.

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