Beautiful Daughter

My Home – The Quarry Site

Once again, beautiful daughters, I bring you a message on the home.
It is possible, that many young women fail to prepare for their home to come because they really don’t see or expect much from it. I mean it’ll just be them, their spouses and the kids, so what makes their home important? Well, Have you ever wondered or thought it, that maybe your home could just be a quarry site? I’d explain.

What is a Quarry?

A Quarry is a place where stones and other materials are extracted for different purposes.

How does this relate to the Home?

I consider the home, the first training ground, a man ever encounters. I pray God give us Christian homes. When a child is born, the only community or society, he initially interacts with is the home. Whatever a child grows up or develops to be much more later in life, is as a result of what attributes, habits, characters, decisions, lessons and many much more, particularly the impact the home had on the child.

Let’s consider the bible references

1. 1 Kings 6:7
The stones used in building the temple were prepared at the quarry site and no noise was made where the temple was being built.
Can our homes be this quarry site, where our children pick up good characters, good traits, good habits, such that when they grow up, get married and begin to lay the foundation for their own homes, where no noise is heard (no war, no fight, no troubles, no bad news, no divorce)?
2. 1 Kings 7: 10
The foundation was made of large stones prepared at the quarry.
If we must lay the foundation right, we must use the right tools, the right instruments, the right materials etc. No man or young woman can lay a good foundation for their own home if certain things are not gotten right, in Christ.
I understand the fact that many homes were not so perfect, or have not been so perfect, everyone would have one place or the other to put the blame.
But whatever has happened, I believe if our generation is intentional, we can lay better foundations for our children yet unborn. If any man is in Christ, he is a new creation. If our homes are reborn in Christ, it’ll be a new creation.
I don’t have the perfect answers, I don’t have the perfect methods, but the Bible does. I’m also learning.

What is the way forward?

Beautiful daughters, please begin to see your home as a site where young men and women would be made and equipped, taught to lay beautiful foundations for their homes to come. See your home as a place where they can get the right materials and tools in the right measure, useful for building homes that will stand the test of time.
The family is the first institution God created, and the last the devil is destroying.
This is the cry of a mother to be, that our homes would raise God’s generals of the next generation.

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