Who is Jesus Christ to you? Do you have a revelation of Him? Do you know that He is the true source of life and whatever exists outside of Christ is death? This is my testimony of Jesus.

The Word became light and light became flesh
Flesh dwelt among the sons of men, divinity interacting with humanity

The Father’s beloved, born in a manger for a cause
That the sons of men may find their way back to EDEN, the presence of God

Lamb slain before the world began, nailed to the cross by the works of his hands; lost men in the dark

The stranger steals, kills, and destroys
Yet the shepherd came to destroy the stranger’s works

He brought salvation, he brought redemption, along with restoration, making the sons of men a new creation

Love came bearing a gift, eternal life packaged in Grace
Once again, humanity could take a shift, from darkness to light

From misery to dancing, from struggling to soaring, from weeping to laughing
The Father summarized his promise, his words, his love, in his very son, Prince of Peace,
Lord of Lords

Everything about him speaks better things, his blood, his love, and his word

He leaves the 99 and chases the ones left behind, you and I
He changed the names of many, giving them a new identity

He tore the temple curtains, opening the gate to the Holy of Holies
He gave life to the dying souls and restored a sense of purpose

From the moment we draw our first breath, till when we breathe our last,
He’s forever by our side
And when our time on Earth is over, we’ll transit to His arms, abiding there forever

If you haven’t known Christ, he’s waiting for you. I pray that you have an encounter with him. Follow me on Instagram for more poems and quotes. You can also drop a comment.

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