[Podcast] Divine Design

Listen and be blessed


So I’ve sat to ask God why?

Why he made me browned skinned, black haired and average height, why?

Why I have a scar and a defective eyesight, why I have a beautiful smile, why?

Why I love writing, speaking and acting, why?

Why I love the media, publicity and pictures, why?

Why I was born a female, on the 27th of February, why I was born first and not last, why?

And my questions go on and on, all beginning with ‘why?’

A ‘why’ begins another ‘why’

Giving birth to many ‘ what ifs’

What if I was tall, dark, plump or short?

What if I was the last child with a shy smile, or a male child with so much pride?

But the reason I could ask these questions is because I found no relevance in being me, in being who exactly he had created me to be

As far as I was concerned, there was nothing special about me, nothing different, nothing serious, no ‘wow factor’, nothing capable of pulling a crowd

So I decided to keep mute and kill my dreams, although I don’t think I had any

Life had no meaning, no reason for living

I was a walking corpse, though breathing,

Until Mercy said No, and gave me an identity,

You see I met my father, the one I call Abba

The maker of the universe, the maker of my very self, creator of creations, sculptor of sculptures

In that moment, my darkness faded away,

And sight returned in the midst of light,

I picked up my father’s letters written to me, you call it the bible, I call it my letters

They have my name in them, you might not believe

And he said to me ‘Should the clay say to the potter, why do you make me like this?’

‘Can’t I as your father, do with you as I please?’

‘I made you for a reason, you came in the right season’

‘Have you stopped believing, that I made no mistake in the creation story’

‘When I made you, I wasn’t sleeping, neither was I dreaming’

‘Nor was I experimenting’

‘I made you with intentions, I created you with special measures and features

I chose you to be you, for you are the solution for a generation

An answer to your parents’ prayers,

You’re the help to a man, you’re the priest for a woman

You’re the father to children, that I will preserve for the nations

You’re the mother to young people that will overcome the evil one

You are you for a reason!

I made you in my image, so you are the reflection that I see in the pages of the book, I have titled ‘You’

Your name is engraved on the palm of my hands

You are that important,

But! You do not ask me how, you do not ask me why, you do not ask my opinion on your unique design and specific assignments

The more you linger, you would never discover your assignment till your life is over,

The worst death to die, is the death of a man who lived for no cause, who lived for no one but himself

Before your life comes to an end, and time races

Pick up my letters and find your name

Find a description of your life, written in my own way

Find your assignment peculiar to you,

Find your purpose, find your name

Call on my name and seek my face and I will show you your purpose

I will tell you your name

Don’t live for no cause, live for my name’

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