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Two trips to the theatre, and a test result after many

The diagnosis was a shocking news, I wasn’t even expecting any

Tests had been conducted, drugs had been taken,

I thought the journey had ended, but it had only just begun

I’d never forget the tears that rolled down my aunt’s eyes,

After the doctor broke the silence.

‘Hodgkin’s, he said’

‘I’m sorry sir, repeat that, did I just hear you well?’

‘Hodgkin’s lymphoma’ he completed the statement, ‘simply put, it’s cancer’

All I could was stare into space, no, I wish I did, but all I could do was stare at him

At such a young age, I sat in front of the doctor hearing a six letter word

‘Why would cancer pick me? How did I pick Cancer? Who picked who

Before now, it had been trips to hospitals,

Visits to people, drugs and drips, drips and drugs

Department to department, transfer upon transfer

Tests upon tests, and still not a clue, until a neck dissection and a scar later

Now, it was gonna be chemotherapy for six months

If cancer didn’t kill me, chemo could, so I thought

Hair falling out, nausea, weakness, mockery, scorns

‘God, what had I done wrong, to deserve a scar, to deserve chemo, to deserve mockery from strangers?’

‘Did you sacrifice your hair in your meeting?’ she said, her words crushing my spirit, shattering my soul

‘I didn’t cause my sickness’ could have been my reply, but tears simply rolled down my eyes

In my pains, and my fears, I could recall my best experience in that moment, was when I answered the call

I saw a drama ministration, I stood there in the crowd, I watched the savior win the battle

Over the life of a lady, the song in the background caught my attention

It was a popular song in those days, it was ‘Mercy Said No’

That was the day I surrendered my all, and gave my life to God

One day, on the white bed, I said to myself, ‘Say a word of prayer, God will surely hear’

And the words rolled out, ‘God, thank you for all, but if you give me another chance, I’d give you my all’

6 months of Chemotherapy and 1 review, 6 months of Adriamycin, Bleomycin, Vinblastine and Darcabazine

Are you surprised I knew my drugs so well?

After many shots, many drips, hospital appointments, tests and payment, one faithful day, I was declared healed

And then I became grateful for one miracle, that God had healed me

I am only one out of many others that have been through a similar journey,

I am only one out of many, with a peculiar testimony

I am only one out of many, with a story to share

But I don’t mind If I’m the only one out of many that says it on the rooftops for many to hear

Grace saved me, called me, picked me, and chose me

Grace gave me another chance to live for him

Grace gave me an opportunity to tell my story

Grace gave me a unique name, Grace called me Bliss

My story would never be complete without the Father of Grace, the love of Grace and the giver of Grace

I bring a message of hope today, I tell you a better story, I tell you the truth, a different story

Grace can give you another name, show you a better way, old things can pass away and hope can rise again

Don’t delay, don’t be too late, don’t turn to him because there’s tragedy, turn to him because you need his embrace

And if you need healing, perhaps it’s cancer or a terminal disease

Perhaps it’s sin, Grace forgives and Grace heals

Grace restores, Grace gives

By the way, if you want to know my name,

It’s simply ‘Grace-elect,’ one of the many  saved by Grace

My life since then, has never been the same

My dear brothers and sisters, respond to Grace

Let God have his way

let him forgive and let him heal

Let him be your Lord and let him lead, only in Christ can you be free indeed!


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