Purpose and Passion – Adeola Adetoye

Day 7- Guest 2
Drama ministers are beautiful, aren’t they?. I would like to congratulate my dear sister Adeola Adetoye on the celebration of her birthday, a couple of days back.
Adeola is a passionate lover of teenagers and a drama minister. She has a beautiful smile, as you can see. She believes that there is always hope, where there is life. You might have gone so far, but God would be ready to receive you. Her answers to our questions indeed brought us hope.
Read and be blessed.

Good evening ma, though we have heard so much about you, we’d like to know you better. Please tell us about you and what you do.

I am Adetoye Adeola, A Physiotherapist, Teen coach and Drama minister.

A teen coach, that’s new, do you own a football team?

More like a Teenagers Coordinator. I just love to tutor teenagers and be around them.

A friend once confronted me, that we’re all actors and actresses and that we were only deceiving ourselves the title ‘drama ministers’. What do you have to say about this?

Well, I will like to tell the person that we are leading many to Christ through acting the word in several forms.
More so, the purpose of our acting is what makes the difference.

Tell us, why have you chosen to be a drama minister?

For the love of drama and knowing it is a tool for kingdom expansion.

Share your experience so far with us, where did the journey begin?

Childhood, I just wanted to act. The love was there so, I was privileged to build and fuel it.

Okay ma’am, can you tell us, what inspires you most in your journey of life?

My inspiration is God’s love. Knowing that God loves the World and that He loves me.

So ma, based on our theme for discussion, I’d like to ask, when it comes to one’s purpose, is it restricted to just one path, or many paths?

It’s not just one path. It can be several pathways to the same purpose.

How do we know which one to take?

The major thing is knowing what to do per time and doing it.

As we grow up, we identify certain skills that we posses, does this really determine what path we should trail?

It’s most likely a pointer. It will be discovered and then streamlined as one gives him or herself off to do all thanks possible within God’s plan.

Many times, when we tell our parents our interests, not every one of them buys the idea, because no one in the family has followed that path. How can we overcome this challenge?

Yes, It is not all of them that will consent to it. With time and with God, they all see what you are seeing.

There are instances where one person identifies many things that he can do and confusion sets in. What is the way out of this?

It’s possible. But there should be no confusion. It is more of doing what our hands can do as we seek for clarity along the way. It is not about doing many things. But about obeying the leading per time.

Is it possible that whatever ministry we’ve been called into, can be a source of income for us, or turned into a career?

I don’t see ministry as career. Ministry is Ministry. God owes no man. He will bless us as promised.
However, some of the skills learnt as pertaining drama ministry can yield income to some persons may be when utilized outside ministry.

For people do not have clarity on what path to take, what can we be doing, ensuring that time is not wasted?

Most importantly, obeying every word and direction.

Our fulfilment of purpose, is it peculiar to a particular location or environment?

No. Except there is a specific instruction on location. Which is possible!

For some people, their parents decided their choice of course of study, choice of schools and all, and now these ones feel they have trailed the wrong paths, and it’s too late, what admonition can you give to them?

God is aware and can turn all things around for their good if they hand it all over to Him.

Finally ma, there are many that believe it’s too late, a lot of time has been wasted, they can’t make things better. In relation to the focus, what advice can you give them?

As long as their is life, there is breath, there is hope. A lot can happen. Going back to God is important and He will direct their steps.

I have been blessed ma. How can we reach you on social media for more information and advise?

Facebook: Adeola Adetoye
Thank you so much ma!

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