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Day 5
“When I graduated, I went back to take nursing exams due to what God spoke to me about it. I failed 4 times but when I was about giving up, God showed up.”
This was the experience of my sister, Precious Akinbote, fondly called, Ebunpraise. It was a privilege to learn from her experience and her bank of wisdom. She answered a question we received from a young lady in the preceding month.
It’s day 5, so far it’s been wonderful interacting with our guests.
Don’t miss out on this! Two days to go!

You’re welcome to this platform ma, please we would like to know you better, tell us about yourself and what you do?

My name is Akinbote Precious, I am a music minister and a lover of teenagers especially the female gender. I am a Registered Nurse and I run a business also.

Permit to ask, I’ve heard a lot of people express affection to the female child mostly teenagers, now you as well. Is there any reason for this preference? What exactly triggered this love for the female child?

Well, all children are equal irrespective of the gender. The main reason why I think we express more affection to female children is because they are more fragile and more easily exposed than the male child.
Children are the same but the female child has this kind of special love in everyone’s heart. They tend to catch our attention right from birth till death.
What triggered my love for the female, well, probably because I’m a female and I got to realize that, there is a lot to being a female than just owning the gender, so I took interest in the young girls and ladies around me.

You’d have discovered that for our society to be better and for a lot of things to be eradicated, both the male and female child have to be reached out to from a very tender age.What do you prescribe can be done for the male child, so that as the females are been enlightened, the males are not left out?

To begin with, the Bible says train up your child in the way he should go. I believe the first step is training both gender in God’s way. When a child knows God from the beginning of life, it makes our society and world a better place.
The male child should be made to realize that, apart from being a male they are not left out in domestic chores. Parents should involve their kids in house chores even in the kitchen.
The parents shouldn’t give the male child the mentality that only female child should work.

Tell us ma, in what ways have you been able to reach out to the teenagers?

Well I’m still working on it gradually, though I visit schools to speak with teenagers often. Moreso I have them around, we chat, we talk, and God is helping me with that.

Tell us about your business, what do you do and why did you choose this line of business?

Well, for my business, I am a media person. I major in Photography, also I have a gele business. I tie gele for brides. I do fascinators, natural hair styling and some petty jobs. I chose these businesses because they give room for creativity. You can create your own trend.

Why did you choose to be a nurse? Any special reason?

Well, it’s a long story oo. I didn’t begin my study in the higher institution with Nursing. When I graduated, I went back to take Nursing exams due to what God had said to me about it. I failed like 4 times but when I was about giving up, God showed up.

Interesting, how were you so sure that nursing was for you? Writing the exams four times is not an easy task, what made you try again and again?

As I said earlier, I picked Nursing because of what God said. Choosing to be a Nurse was a calling to me. Nursing is a calling, another ministry on its own.

Can you recall any experience you had, that has had a great influence on who you have become today?

The first experience I had was my salvation experience. It really was a great one.
The other experience that totally formed me was when I met my mentor at a program organized by Mummy Gloria Bamiloye, that was the beginning of another turn around.

Now that you have mentioned it, let’s pick it up from there. We would like to hear your opinion on the place of mentorship in one’s fulfilment of purpose.

Mentorship has a great impact on the fulfilment of purpose. Once you choose the right mentor you are set for a right journey.
From my end here mentorship matters and it’s very profitable especially when you are willing to be thoroughly mentored.

Is it necessary to find a mentor that is trailing the exact path you want to trail?

Let me answer by giving this illustration; I am into Photography. If i am to choose a mentor i won’t choose a fashion designer to mentor me in the Photography business. The ideas needed might not be given.

These days young people do not want to take instructions from the older generation, believing that things are no longer the way they were in their time, whereas the older generation feel youths ought to approach them for advise. Do you see this as a problem? What solution do you recommend?

It is a problem. No matter how smart you may be, there is a place of experience in life. Just like it happened in the Bible, 1kings chapter 12, we need their advice, so we won’t fall where they fell.

Thinking about it, ma, at what point can we say we have fulfilled purpose in life?

To me though, fulfilment of purpose in life is when you are actually doing what God appointed you to do. When we do and fulfil the reason of our creation, then we are fulfilling purpose.
The greatest point we can say we have fulfilled purpose is when you and people God has given around you gain eternity.

At what stage in life do you think one ought to start discovering purpose?

As early as possible, even from the cradle.

We had a question recently from a young person regarding this matter, and this is the question, I quote. ‘What is the difference between purpose, vision, plan, assignment, and goals?’

Purpose is the reason why an object or a thing is created or manufactured.
I’ll say vision is what you imagine to happen in the nearest future, what you foresee.
Planning to me means making arrangements for something to be done, working towards achieving a mindset.
Assignment is a work given to a person to accomplish. The person is put in charge of that particular work, been assigned for a purpose.
I’ll say goal is a set target, a person has laid for himself or herself to meet within a given frame of time

What do you think is the central focus of all these ma? Where do they all meet?

I think it all matters in the fulfilment in life. We need to identify our purpose, planning also matters. Focusing on our set goals and others matter in fulfilment.

In conclusion, what final words can you say to the readers, on this subject matter?

My words are taken from “Luke 12: 31. But rather seek ye the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you”. Acknowledge God in all your ways and NEVER give up on your dreams.

Thank you so much ma. This is enlightening. How can we contact you on social media for more advise and information?

On Facebook Akinbote precious Ebunpraise
On Instagram @official_ebunpraise
Or search Conveener of HIWE
My phone number is 08134805018
Thank you so much ma, We are grateful

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