Purpose and Passion – Meroyi Damilola

Day 7- Guest 1
It’s been a wonderful week, reading and learning from our guests. They have answered lots of questions that have arisen at different times in our hearts. I am sincerely grateful to everyone of them for teaching us.
It’s day 7! It’s the final day of this edition, so we would be learning from two beautiful ladies.
First of all, I present to you, Miss. Damilola Meroyi, a lady with a beautiful heart. I must confess, there are indeed good people on this earth, you might come across one of them on your journey in life. She emphasizes the place of Parenting in the discovery of purpose, in the life of a child.
I beseech you therefore, read!

Good afternoon ma, it’s a privilege to have you with us, we would like to know you better?

My name is Meroyi Damilola. I studied Urban and Regional Planning at olabisi Onabanjo University.

Can you tell us, how your childhood was? Growing up for you, what was your experience like?

Growing up was cool. I live at Badagry, Lagos State although my family was living at Ojo before moving to Badagry, that was when I was 6 years old.
I went to Anikeola nursery and primary school, after primary school went to Badagry grammar school, secondary school life was good.
I can’t really remember my junior school days but senior school was cool. I joined our school fellowship when I was in ss2 and that was so I could join the choir.
That was when I got born again. In secondary school we used to go to classes to preach, then Friday we had our fellowship.
What was really significant for me in my secondary school days was my fellowship days.
After secondary school I had to wait one year to before getting admission into the University.
But growing up, I was more like an insider, I grew up not having neighbourhood friends.

How did this experience affect you as you transited from childhood to adulthood?

It made me more like an introvert because I didn’t go out a lot and it was difficult for me to keep friends but a lot has changed now.

Knowing that you could not interact so much with people back then, how did you engage yourself as a child, what were the things you loved doing?

I would say music.
I listened to music a lot and loved to sing. That time it was from school to home and when I was not doing anything at home I was listening to music.
Music that time helped me, when I was sad, music helped me feel better, when I was happy I was listening to music.

That’s beautiful. Do you see a path for you in that line?

Hmmm, A little. It won’t be a career but it will just be to bless lives.

We’re talking about purpose and passion, we’d like to hear your view. What have you been so passionate about in life?

I am passionate about helping people and blessing lives.
I just started a baking business and later I will add music to it but music won’t be career, it will be what God will use to bless lives.

Have you had challenges in engaging in these things? Can you share with us?

The challenge I had with baking was how to sell my products to people, with music it was fear.

How have you been able to overcome this?

Still in the process.

Purpose and passion, many young people have passion for a lot of things, but many are yet to discern what path to take, have you ever been in these shoes? How did you overcome it?

Someone asked me what my purpose was and I was confused because I did not know anything about purpose.
So I went to God and He helped me through it, as I journeyed in life I began to understand what I was supposed to do.

When exactly can we say we have gotten to a point where we are fulfilling purpose?

If you know what your purpose is and you have a relationship with God and you do what He wants you to do and take every step the way He wants you to take it, then you are fulfilling purpose.
Purpose is not just doing something, everything we do, even our daily activities is fulfilling purpose.

From the time when you were still trying to understand purpose, till this moment, where you understood your path, what has changed?

No more confusion and I direct my energy to that which He wants me to do and I get closer to God than before.

What can you say about the place of parents helping children discover your passion?

It’s very important for parents to help their children discover their passion because the parent will help nurture, guide and direct the child into that which God wants Him or her to be.
Through that the child will understand better from an early stage what he or she is supposed to do and mature into it

If you could change anything about your childhood, what would that be?

Maybe where I lived.

You have definitely grown over the years, who has had the greatest influence over your life so far, in becoming who you are today?

Nobody but God.

We have discovered that you have a good relationship with children, when did you discover this about you? How do you intend to utilize this affection for good reasons?

I discovered this during NYSC, I joined evangelism unit and we went to a secondary School every Sunday for bible study, that was when I knew I loved children.

Finally, if we must discover our passion early in life, then we must be intentional about our growth, even from childhood. If you could appeal to parents, teachers and every one involved in the growth of a child, what would your words be?

Parents and teachers should please, when they see a child has passion for something, they should encourage the child and help the child grow.

Thank you so much madam. How can we reach you on social media for more information and personal advice?

WhatsApp- 08162373682
Facebook-Meroyi Damilola
Instagram- grandedame1
God bless you ma!

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