Purpose and Passion – Olorunfemi Egunjobi

Day 6
“On the morning of my first shoot, I had about #98 naira in my account. On the morning of my second shoot, I had about #-125.
The experience has been awesome. I have seen faith manifesting instantly on locations. I have seen answered prayers. I have seen!!!”
I had encountered my brother on a location (or locations), before I got to know he was one of my ancestors in Kebbi State, not just as a State executive, but even in the drama unit (my family).
Olorunfemi Egunjobi is a very active drama minister. He has performed different roles, on different occasions, at different movie locations. I am grateful for his support and encouragement, all through my service year. As a Producer, he has had very interesting experiences. He has learnt to trust God as we move along in this journey of faith.
Don’t you want to read his story?

Good evening sir, we’re so honored to have you. Tell us, who are you and what are you known for? Or better still, what do you do?

Good evening. The pleasure is definitely mine. My name is Precious Olorunfemi Egunjobi. I am from Ekiti state.
I graduated from Babcock University where I studied Computer Science. I am a drama minister, a cinematographer, a script writer and producer.
Presently, I work with Union Bank as an IT Support Engineer. I also do freelance writing and IT consultancy.

Okay Wow, I don’t know where to start, so there’s work and there’s ministry, how do you handle the two?

Well, I must confess that it’s not the most easy thing to do. But then I believe also that God works in us.
I started the ministry part time, while also working. I enjoyed a flexible workplace in my previous employment, so, it was a little easier.
November 2019 I got a different job and it took me out of my comfort totally – I had to relocate to another state.
I was bothered about this, but He told me I will learn. So, I used to travel down for locations and other ministry activities. But 2020 has not been all eventful, especially since the global pandemic.
Nevertheless, I have still being on a few movie locations this year.
I was sad at some point when I started getting calls and messages from brethren asking to know where I was and if I had left the ministry. I was quick to reassure them that I was still very much in the ministry and I am available, but on weekends and public holidays. I made up my mind to make the journey whenever I am called upon.

But really, everyone seems to be doing drama these days. Why did you choose this path?

I cannot say I chose. I can say I was chosen. I knew and I obliged. I saw my equipping and I recognized what it was meant for.
Many people wonder how I got my command of the Yoruba language, especially those who knew my growing up and how it was a crime to speak Yoruba in my house (my parents repented though), but I know its an equipping. I know a lot of things about the Yoruba language that I obviously didn’t learn anywhere.

Oh really, can you enlighten us more on the tribal issues?

It was not really a tribal issue. My parents are both from the Yoruba tribe. But my Dad used to believe that the more Yoruba you speak or get exposed to, the tougher it gets for you to understand and command English. He eventually realized that wasn’t a thing.

This interview is targeted at reaching young people, especially those in the drama ministry. Perhaps they would learn from you. Can you tell us, how the journey began, what has been your greatest challenge?

Well, the journey began while I was in primary school. Although, it wasn’t a ministry then, it was just acting. However, I would not disregard those days.
The ministry started after my youth service. It was conceived during my service year. Basically, I think the greatest challenge is starting and keeping up.
I really bless God for the Drama ministry and the leaders that we see and know. They are ready to help you as you journey along.

What does it take to be a drama minister?

It takes a number of things; Your conviction, understanding of a ministry, humility (if you are not humble, you will be taught), your prayers, brotherly relationship, fellowship with Brethren etc.

You’re a producer, please you tell us what you do?

  • Coordination of all aspects and stages of production.
  • Overseeing the availability and responsiveness of cast and crew.
  • Financial responsibility.
  • Prayers
  • Welfare
  • Prayers
  • Express demonstration of Faith (I picked this specifically from Daddy Olumuyiwa)

As young drama ministers, many believe that they would meet their partners in the drama ministry, or they would definitely be drama ministers. Is this always true? What can you say about this?

I really don’t think so. However, it is quite possible. Of course, we see several examples of our parents in the ministry. Whichever way it is, it is important that we receive partners who will support the ministry and be part of it, maybe not as a drama minister but as a part of the ministry.

How does one start up a ministry as a drama minister?

I believe the first thing is that one has to be convinced. Then, pray to be led and bring your self to a place of learning – the spiritual, the physical and the technical.

The transition from stage drama ministrations to movie productions, how can that be achieved? Can one successfully operate the two?

I will answer the second question first – Yes, one can operate the two successfully.
Now to the first question – it’s a huge transition. There is a massive difference between stage drama and movie productions. Most of the differences surrounds technicality and personnel.
However, learning can help bridge the gap. It might be rough but it’s achievable.

Can you share with us your best experience so far, on this journey?

I don’t think I can particularly say any. But I am always glad when I get feedback from people who saw a movie I was part of whether as a cast or crew, for which all glory is ascribed to Him.

Tell us also as a producer, have you produced movies and how was the experience?

Yes I have. A few though. I lost the footage to my first movie, after shooting two different times. (My team and I plan to still shoot the third time). Well, the experience was mind-blowing and faith-provoking (you know what I mean).
On the morning of my first shoot, I had about #98 naira in my account. On the morning of my second shoot, I had about #-125.
The experience has been awesome. I have seen faith manifesting instantly on locations. I have seen provisions come in from far and near. I have seen people bless with money without us even soliciting.
I have seen answered prayers.
I have seen!!!

Finally, for one who has no experience at all, in the drama ministry, and is very much interested, how can he/she go about it? What are the steps to take?

Again , I bless God for the gift of Brethren. I don’t know if I can mention some names, but really, the drama ministry is blessed with amazing people.
Identify with a drama team especially in your local assembly. Look for avenues to learn and be trained. Pray along and He will definitely order your steps

This has been an interesting time with you sir. How can we contact you on social media for more advise and information?

Facebook – Egunjobi Precious Olorunfemi Presidoe
Instagram – egunjobiprecious
I can be mailed to – and our youtube channel is Risen Army Ministries
You are blessed sir, thank you.

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