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Our guest has written this post, addressing the response of man to God’s demand concerning purpose fulfillment. Read and be blessed.

 Man’s Response and God’s demand in the fulfillment of divine purposes

At certain junctions, two rivers flow together and become one larger river. This intersection is called a confluence. Confluences are a basic building block of river networks on all scales.

In the path of purpose fulfillment, we need the understanding of the confluence of the human and divine element in the actualization.

A Synergy

The word alarm has a military etymology. It’s a combination of two words “all” and “arm”. At the point of danger, on the approach of an enemy, there is a call to be armed.

An alarm is a call that necessitates a definite response. At the sound of a danger bugle, all soldiers are to be armed. So also, there must be a coming together of God’s demand and man’s response. This conflux when rightly understood makes a mortal man a sharer of divine things, a partaker of divine nature. God has a call which is according to His purpose and he demands our response at the sound of His bugle, His summon.

The Imagery of the perpetual servant

The Jewish culture is rooted in the Torah- The Law. Their lifestyle and practices spring from the law, judgment, and statutes given from God to them through Moses. Reading through some of the wisdom of the Law with an Afro-Asia background in mind, makes you appreciate the wisdom in the law for Israel as a nation in pagan surroundings.

One of the major practices is slavery, God then instructed them to regulate slavery practices. Hebrew Slaves were given the right to freedom after seven years of serving their master, unlike other neighboring nations. If any slave chose to keep serving his master because he loved him, he would report to the judges as witnesses and his ear would be pierced by his master to indicate a sign of perpetual service. (Exodus 25:1-6).

The bored ear indicated the principle of total obedience to the words and the instruction of the master.

This is what the Psalmist alludes to in Psalm 40:6

 Sacrifice and offering you did not desire, but my ears you have pierced; burnt offerings and sin offerings you did not require.

Note that NIV uses the word pierce, this expresses the Hebrew rendition more clearly in the literal sense.

In application, other versions used open, listen, obey, and other expressions, because the pierced ear is a sign of allegiance to obey the master.

Here I Am

Ps.40.7 – Then I said, “Here I am, I have come- it is written about me in the scroll.

Ps.40.8 – I desire to do your will, O my God; your law is within my heart.”

“Here, I am” is the response of the perpetual servant all of His life to the master. The Psalmist here talks about the faith of all true people of God who know that God demands obedience rather than any other ritual or sacrifice. Reasonable worship is total obedience.

Jesus is the perfect servant with a perfect sacrifice. The Apostle Paul, speaking by the same principle of faith saw Jesus as the perfect representation of the perpetual servant who had given his heart to the Lord. ( Herbs 10:5-7).

The Revealed Will of God

You would begin to ask, what is God’s demand? What’s his call? How do I say “Here I am” when I have not heard?

The psalmist immediately pointed us to what we have been called unto, it’s according to the scroll that has been written and the law in our hearts. God has not kept His demands, God has revealed His will, It only takes a man with attentive ears to listen.

I know we all want a specific purpose for our lives, you want God to tell you what to do and what not to do as regards your career and relationship. But God’s will for His Children is to surrender completely, decide to live and make an allegiance to be a perpetual slave to His written word.

God has revealed His demand, His word is near us. Our first responsibility is to make an allegiance to living by the scroll.

The New Testament believer can be more assured of the indwelling Spirit, who has engraved the law in our heart. We have the written word and the indwelling Spirit revealing to us the Father’s demands. They are not contradictory.

Micah 6.6 – With what shall I come before the LORD and bow down before the exalted God? Shall I come before him with burnt offerings, with calves a year old?

Micah 6.7 – Will the LORD be pleased with thousands of rams, with ten thousand rivers of oil? Shall I offer my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul?

Micah 6.8 – He has shown you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

God has shown us what he requires from us. It has been revealed in the written word. The message of the whole law is summarized in justice, mercy, and walking humbling with God according to Micah.

The context is similar to Psalm 40 in the sense that God does not require sacrifices. Micah then drives home the bullseye of the Law. “He has shown you” means it has been revealed, it is not hidden. Have you not read?

Walking In His Revealed Will

As we walk in the revealed will of God in our lives, we then walk circumspectly in the specifics. As we develop our spiritual senses we can make precise and accurate judgments in life from the pool of God’s wisdom. We walk in supernaturally ordered steps we see God’s miraculous providence in our lives.

“Here I am”-The posture of a perpetual slave

1 Sam 3:3-5:Then the Lord called Samuel. Samuel answered, “Here I am.” 5 And he ran to Eli and said, “Here I am; you called me.”

Remember the word confluence? There must be a coming together of our will and God’s will. Our will must be lost in the will of God. Our response to God’s call must be “here I am”. This is available.

Samuel responded to the call but answered the wrong person because he did not yet know the LORD. But later he was told to say

speak Lord, for your servant heareth (1Sam 3:10).

This was when God spoke. This should be our daily approach to the written word.

As we open the word, we are opened to divine purposes, God’s eternal decrees. Availability must be accompanied by our openness as unprofitable servants. There should be a continual availability for us to his revealed word, a constant willingness to see ourselves as servants who would obey divine instructions.

Remember the words of Isaiah; “here I am, send me”. Heaven’s purposes are only realized by men who like the perpetual servant say

lo, master, I love you forever, you have shown me your loving-kindness, I’ll serve you forever”

This is the gospel of the Kingdom, having responded to the grace of God, we become bondservants of His kingdom by responsibility.

We are living sacrifices, we are the sacrifice. We respond that ‘thy kingdom come, thy will be done”. This is our prayer and cry.

The call of God according to his purpose requires our availability and response to His word. God seeks such young men especially today, men with pierced ears, who will live for him alone amid the noise of mammon, sex, and other shades of worldliness.

Living Coram Deo

The overarching inkling of human existence been revealed in the word has been paraphrased by old-time holy thinkers using a Latin word, Coram Deo.

To live Coram Deo is to live before the presence of God, under his authority, and for His glory. This is the life of the Perpetual servant daily. It’s a cheerful and delightful service to his master forever. He lives before his master’s presence daily in communion to seek his will, delighting in him, he lives under his authority by submitting to his lordship, obeying his instructions and He lives for His glory.

This is the true purposeful living, living for the glory of God. Our essence, the purpose of our living is to glorify God by making Him the source of our eternal delight. This is cheerful giving, it is not burdensome.



I hope the burden behind this message has been passed and effectively communicated.

Our desire remains that we all would live our lives for God alone, radiating His glory.

Follow us on this journey, as we discover his ultimate plan for our lives.

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    Thank you so much brother. Well scripted and passed across. God bless you.

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