Last week, we did a review on our book for March,  IN PURSUIT OF VISION.

On the 27th of February 2021, a hangout was held where our minister, Evangelist Sylvanus Emmanuel addressed the theme for the year. You can listen to the message HERE.

Below are the points highlighted in the message.


The Bible texts were taken from Ephesians 1: 11, Hebrews 10:7, and Ezra 7:10.

It is in Christ alone that we find out who we are and what he has prepared for us. Understanding our purpose will help us understand who to live for and why we should live at all.

Purpose is discovering what God wants you to become in life, passion is the driving force that enables you to accomplish the purpose. It brings you out of obscurity into destiny fulfillment. We waste years pursuing what God has not purposed for us to do in life.

There is something specifically designed by God for every child of His. Passion for the wrong purpose will drive us somewhere else in life.  We must ask God daily if indeed we are aligned to His purpose for our lives, else we will miss it daily. The greatest injustice we can do to ourselves is a failure to discover God’s purpose for our lives.

Purpose decides where we ought to be and ought not to be. God’s purpose for our life influences your decision on career, marriage, area of settlement, and many others. It guides us against errors and prevents us from walking in darkness. If we understand God’s purpose for our lives, then we have gotten direction.

God’s purpose for our lives programs other areas of our lives and guides us into destiny fulfillment. The timing of God is not the same as the timing of man, God’s calendar differs from ours.

The discovery of purpose brings us into everything God has prepared for our lives. Every genuine purpose of God will cost us something because God’s purpose is usually bigger than us.

We can’t discover God’s purpose if we are not in Christ.

There’s no limit to where God’s purpose cannot take us to. But if we move with multitudes and live for nothing, we would have achieved nothing at the end of our lives.

The host of the event also ministered a spoken word. You can listen to it HERE  as well as read the transcription below.


The words of my Father rang in my ears continually
I was made for much more, my soul was worth the cross

The answers I had searched for, for so long
Were hidden in a Book I was used to seeing

I was familiar with the Bible, but God’s word was not familiar to me
In the beginning, was the word, the was with God, the Word was God

So you see, I had only carried Jesus around, but I didn’t know him
If I didn’t know God, then I didn’t know me, I didn’t know who I was meant to be

To God be the glory, I turned 180 degrees and went back to Him
So now you say, ‘Bliss, what’s your purpose in life? Have you discovered it?’

My dear, I am living it.
I write about it, I think about it, I speak about it, I pray about it, I love it and I thank God for it

We’re gathered here today because I said to God, ‘Show me the way
There are many paths in life, but only God show you the best route to take

You are different from the man beside you, maybe you came together
But you will leave this earth as individuals

Soon you will a give account of every second you spent in this rented apartment
Don’t leave here without an assurance that God made you with intentions

Life is only worth living when Jesus is leading

The discovery of purpose  isn’t just for today, it’s for eternity that’s after your today

Don’t live for no cause, Live for His Name

One of the attendees shared her testimony with us on the WhatsApp group. I’ve shared it here for us to know that God ordained the meeting and blessed many by it. 


‘I came to Purpose and Passion and it was more of, ‘okay, God what do you have in store for me, is there something you’d still like me to know?’

Do you know why I asked? Because I knew what God would have me do, yet I was still interested in hearing Him speak to me.

At the start, I was still not getting anything coupled with the fact that I was not sitting, I was welcoming people, yet I was trying to get something from God.

When the message started, Holy Spirit told me to sit and I was about to sit, when the minister called a scripture in the Message version, that’s Eph 1:10-11 and on opening it, I could not believe my eyes.

I have a teenage group I teach, and we have been considering Purpose and identity, but on seeing this scripture, it gave me the perfect revelation of what we have been discussing for six months, to be honest, I’ve not gotten enough of the scripture.

I got a lot, especially the part of anyone living out of God’s purpose is living in obscurity.

I’m so blessed and glad because I got more clarity from the program.

God bless you, thank you for yielding to this call, I have more clarity.

I learned to never feel you’ve gotten it all, we can’t be too familiar with His word, the fact that you know what you’re called to do does not mean God will stop speaking.

He speaks every second, and never be familiar with any gathering, always go with an open heart that there’s something God has for me here just like we discussed yesterday.

Purpose and Passion, living for God was a fully packaged program.

Agboola Kehinde Esther

Pictures from the event were posted on the Instagram account and Facebook page. That day marked a new beginning for me. I also loved the shirts that were designed for the program.

In the next post, we will continue our discussion on the theme. Do you have questions, drop a comment for me. 

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