Our guest post for today has been written by a woman who loves God and desires to go all out for him. She is the founder and convener of THE LORD’S DELIGHT and THE YOUNG INFLUENCERS. She is a writer of excellence and has served in various leadership positions. Her name, Bamifewe Olubisi Oyedoyin.


We have been looking at the word purpose, and God has been gracious to us to give us the meaning of this word.

The purpose is the reason for existence, the very mind of God for life as long as one exists here on Earth.

The importance of understanding Purpose and fulfilling it can’t be overemphasized, as many people give different meanings to life, making them live a life of no definition.

The Sovereign Lord never makes anything to be without a purpose, for everything God created from the point of creation to the manifestation of His power were all meant to fulfill a purpose in God’s mind. For we all have been ELECTED BY GRACEtherefore we owe God our commitment and dedication in return.

Christ Himself our perfect example also established this when He came to the surface of the earth.

Hebrews 10:7 gave us a clear picture that every life has a volume of a book written about him, living outside the inscriptions on the pages of this book is like a life of futility; a life without relevance.

The best way to get the book meant for you is to seek God, Christ is the full package from which individuals get their portion of relevance.


To equip us with the ability to fulfill the mandate of God, He then introduced the gift of men.

From the very beginning, God knew that man was needed in propagating and establishing His will on Earth, so He blessed Adam with Eve.

Leaving aside the fall of our first parents (Adam and Eve), what God proposed was something massive, God saw the need to bless Adam with someone to help in birthing the greatness within Him.


God knew that we need men to successfully tread the path of purpose.

For every God-given Purpose, there is the place of the MAN FACTOR in the fulfillment. There are lots of people that God has designated at different stages of our life to be a blessing.

It’s necessary to establish that in knowing and having men who will help in the journey of purpose, they must be given by God.

God himself is the giver of gifts of men;

“Ev­ery good gift and ev­ery per­fect gift is from above, and cometh down from the Fa­ther of lights, with whom is no variableness, nei­ther shad­ow of turning.” (James 1:17).

To get the best gifts in form of men, you need to seek God.
To live a fulfilled life, you can’t afford to relate with any kind of people, you need to be deliberate.


It’s very important to know that men around you can determine how far and how well you will see. Many people truly had dreams, passions, and vision but the people that surrounded them killed the giant within them.

There is always a clearer and closer view of the picture when those you relate with are deliberate to seek God on your behalf.

God blessed Saul (Paul) with the gift of Ananias (Act 9). This gave Paul a better picture of what He was saved for.


Definitely, in all our pursuit of fulfilling purpose, Christ should be the center of it all. It’s important to identify men in line with your purpose or vision, through the help of the Holy Spirit, you should know men that have gone ahead and learn of them.

God is the one to instruct us, but He has never left out the place of man in our learning. Elisha learned from Elijah, the disciples learned from Jesus, and many others.

We can as well read of the generals who had lived a purposeful life. Follow those that will build your visions and passion even on social media. You can’t be passionate about lighting your generations and relating with men who seem to be satisfied with the status quo.

“Iron sharpeneth iron; so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend.” (Proverbs 27:17)


  • Serves as Your Mordecai; it’s essential to note that the gift of men as your Mordecai is worth appreciating. These men are those under whom you submit yourself to be made and built of the Lord, in fulfilling the purpose you need to value them for they are a great blessing. These are people we call elders, disciple-makers, mentors, and the likes, men who the Lord has given the bread for your growth in your Christian journey. They are capable of letting you know when you are ignoring our role. The Lord blessed us with them to awaken us in the moment of our slumber. They encourage us when we are weak. we can see the vital role that Mordecai played in the life of Esther to fulfill her purpose of existence, especially as the Queen at that time. The relationship was a blessing to her, her purpose, and generations. Esther Knew she was to deliver but was afraid. Esther knew her generations were at risk but never understood the urgency until Mordecai stepped in. We must learn to value and honor the relationship and people of this category because they are important in our journey of Purpose. (Esther 4).


  • They Bridge the Gap: One other important blessing of the gift of relationships in Purpose is bridging gaps. God knew men can’t be perfect in all, so He gifted us with men to complete us. We have the assurance that we are complete in Christ, but remember that the gift of man is part of Christ that makes up our completeness. I know God could have healed Moses of His stammering ailment but He chose not to. He showed the place of the need for the gift of relationship in Moses’ journey of purpose. Aaron had to bridge the gap, it didn’t change the place of Moses being the convener. Identify what men have to contribute to your journey of Purpose, it can come in diverse ways. The gift of relationships clothes our inadequacies.


  • A Support; We are gifted with men to support our vision and purpose. God knows we are humans, therefore prone to weakness. He understands that the work can’t be done using one hand. That’s why we must be intentional about the type of relationships we engage ourselves in. It’s risky to associate with men who don’t have a relationship with God, such people can’t lead us to God when we are down. Aaron and Hur played a significant role at a point in Moses’ Journey of Purpose (Exodus 17:11-13).


  • Source the gift from God
  • Build such relationships
  • Be committed and appreciate such men.
  •  Relate with men who can relay your purpose to God, those who can lead you to God in all.
  • The relationship is a priceless gift for the purpose to be fulfilled if truly the source of God.

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  • Abatan Samuel
    February 9, 2021 at 11:26 pm

    This part really touched my heart ♥. Thanks so much ma’am

    “For every God-given Purpose, there is the place of the MAN FACTOR in the fulfillment. There are lots of people that God has designated at different stages of our life to be a blessing.”

    • Bliss Nwoke
      February 9, 2021 at 11:31 pm

      Very true! Thank you for sharing. You are a gift to us.

  • Adelaja Adetinuke
    March 12, 2021 at 7:45 pm

    Thank you!


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