This month of November, determine to be grateful to God, regardless of how the year has been or is, at the moment. I have posted quotes from my Instagram account here. These are words you can ponder upon. 

  1.  Blessed are you when men follow you for the cause of Christ.
  2.  More precious to you than the gold and silver in this world, are the words God has spoken.
  3. Christ died so you can breathe again.
  4. ‘Hi, have we met?’ Signed God
  5.  You don’t need every door, but you need the one that leads to God; Jesus, the Son of God.
  6. Talk to God about the big things and the little things. Man ascribes weight to matters, God knows all are important.
  7. That you may find your way to your Father’s arms; this is my prayer.
  8. You were made for a time such as this. Serve the purpose of God in your generation.
  9.  You make an impact after the noise, not in the midst of it. If God doesn’t lead you to join the crowd, then don’t.
  10. Whatever purpose means to you, hold on to it. Don’t let it go.

Happy New Month Dear Reader! You can also read other DEEP THOUGHTS and 50 QUOTES FROM VOICE OF TRUTH. Let’s keep in touch this month, follow me on my social media platforms and feel free to drop a comment. Your month is blessed.


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