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The Waiting Mother

Happy Father’s day, to all our Fathers and soon-to-be Daddies. We celebrate every Father, that is intentional about fulfilling the mandate, given to him by God as a Father.
Today, I bring a message ‘The Waiting Mother’. What do you do in your waiting? It’s quite a long read, but follow me.
A brother saw the picture attached to this post, and he asked, ‘Is Zechariah now a Mother?’ I laughed. Zechariah was not a mother, but his wife was a waiting mother.
Let’s consider the three important characters, associated with our topic.

Sarah Laughed

Sarah was Abraham’s wife, as we all know. Every woman gets married, and hopes to have a child sooner or later. For Sarah, it wasn’t sooner or later, it was many years after.
Abraham had reminded God that He was without an heir, he didn’t have a child of his own. God reciprocated, by reminding him specifically that he would have a son, not just a child, a SON.
Somewhere along the line, Ishmael came forth. This depicts Sarah’s response to the promise at that time. Can we say that it was anxiety, or worry?
But that wasn’t the promised child. Any decision you take outside God’s will might/would have dangerous effects. So at that time, He did get a son, but the question is, ‘Did God give Him to you?’. You have helped yourself out if my counsel, but because God is true to His words, He will bring it to pass.
Abraham had Ishmael 16 years after God had first promised a child. At 99, His name was changed, and yet another affirmation of the promised child. Perhaps, the change of their names confirmed that a new season was approaching, the promise would be fulfilled. He doesn’t just stop at promising, He declares the name of the child, his identity. I would say, He spoke the child into being.
9 months to the D-Day, there is yet another affirmation of the promised child. What was Sarah’s response at this time? She laughed!
  • Dear mother, what is your response to your waiting period?
  • Have you helped yourself outside of God’s will?
  • How many times has God reminded you of His promise, what more do you need to believe His words?
  • Have you asked God to name the child ahead? Have you inquired of Him? Do you know the path the promised child would trail?
Ponder on these, as we consider Hannah, ‘Hannah Prayed’.

Hannah Prayed

Hannah’s situation was different. She was also without a child. Due to this delay, Peninnah ‘felt’ or considered the privilege an edge over Hannah. If certain people have made you feel bad/depressed about your waiting, they’re probably Peninnah’s family members.
Hannah endured year after year. Her response to this torment was initially cries and hunger strike. Her husband tried to help, but there are depths in the heart of a woman that only God can touch.
And then one day, (I wish there was a background track I could play here), Hannah’s experiences pushed her to God. Yes, people are tormenting you, insulting you, or gossiping about you. You have cried, yes, but have these experiences pushed you to God?
So, Hannah prayed! She must have communicated with God, with feelings man cannot explain. This prayer led her to make a covenant. If a covenant was a result of this prayer, then she must have been very sincere with God. And then, she was no longer sad. After Eli had conversed with her, she knew that she would have a son. That was a redefining moment.
Hannah did have a son, and she fulfilled her promise. She gave the child a name, that described her victory.
  • Where has your situation pushed you to, to men or to God?
  • Have you thought about what you would do with the Child when He/She eventually arrives?
  • When the Lord answers your prayers, have you decided to give the Child back to the Lord, and ensure that He/She is raised in the way of the Lord?
That was Hannah’s experience, what about Elizabeth and Zechariah?

Zechariah did not believe

Elizabeth and her husband belonged to the priestly family. They were old and without a child. I try to imagine the expectation of this couple, from the day they became one, till that moment. I’m not so sure it had been an easy journey. Perhaps it was a roller coaster ride.
But then things would change, soon and very soon. Maybe they had given up on the idea. Zechariah was serving as a priest, it was his usual practice. Are you still serving the Lord? Are you still fulfilling his purpose, I hope the ministry is not being neglected?
The Angel came to deliver God’s words as sent. God had heard their prayers, so they had been praying. Prayer aligns our hearts with the will of God.
The Angel gives specific instructions about the coming child. This was too much for Zechariah to take in at once. He probably had many questions to ask, but all that he could utter was ‘How shall I know if this is so?’. If God has spoken, should we be bent on asking how exactly He wants to bring his promise to pass. If you commit a matter to God, leave it with Him. If you entrust it in His hands, stop checking to see if it’s still there.
Elizabeth did have a child, and his father followed the instructions he had been given. He named him ‘John’.
  • Consider your reactions to this waiting period, and see if it aligns with God’s desires. Are you doing the right thing at this time?
  • Is your trust within borders, or without borders?
  • You don’t know the future, but you know the one who owns the future. Have you conversed with Him?
  • Are you ready to accept the path that God has designed for the child he will give you, and ensure that he doesn’t derail from it.
All these lessons we have considered from the lives of Sarah, Hannah and Zechariah, put them to heart. Share them with waiting mothers and believe that God will deliver to you, the desires of your heart according to His will.


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