Mummy tells us, who are you ma, and what do you?

I am Remi Bangboje, a child of God married and blessed with children. A retired Confidential Secretary, a Marriage Counsellor, and a Producer of Customized Souvenirs.

How did this business start ma?

Customizing bags for souvenirs started when we were forcefully retired from government service. Initially, it was a sack, but after many fights, it turned to retirement after 18 years of active service.

What skills are necessary for us to acquire?

All legal skills that are available are very good to learn. As long as it is not sinful in nature, go for it. No knowledge is wasted!!!

How can we make a living from the works of our hands?

Do lots of practice and ensure that the product or service is good. Begin to sell to people around you by hawking around. At first, you may receive negative reactions, don’t bother, just keep pushing through and encourage yourself.

Consistency brings your products to people’s minds and they will always refer to you.

Should every woman own a business?

Yes please, no matter how small.

How can we identify the business that suits us?

Pray and look inward. Discover what you have passion for and what you can do conveniently without getting tired easily.

What challenges have you faced in this journey?

Initially, challenges of shame and ridicule. Because I had to be hawking around. I was one who went to the office in her car before, now trekking and hawking bags around.

You can imagine that kind of traumatic experience.
I cried every day begging God to empower me to continue in His will of ‘Stay and Stick’ together with my family. I got another good job in the office, but the location was very far from my home.

I prayed to God to help me decide and follow His decision. Today, I am happy I did, because the decision then, established the ministry of marriage and home building, that we are doing today.

How can we start a business?

Starting up a business is better if you can start with a service-oriented business. Service-Oriented business is doing business with little or no capital. It aids survival first and then raises savings for investment later.

A word for mothers out there

As a mother, be very prayerful. Love your husband and children. Let your activities and business be centered on how to support your home.

How can we contact you on social media for more information and personal advice?

RemiBangboje on Facebook-Live Broadcast, Every Monday @5pm
#RemiBangboje on Instagram

Call 08053034707

TWEET HOME TELEGRAM: AdeRemi Marriage Counselling Centre. (08053034707, 07063176890, 07088725647)

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