On the 1st of September 2020, we heard the breaking news that NCCF Kebbi is producing another movie. If you remember Land of Fury, you would know that it was shot in Kebbi and produced by Mount Zion in conjuction with NCCF Kebbi. If you missed that post, read it Here.

We also had one of the casts, share his experience on set with us. Did you miss that too? That’s why I’m here to help. You can read that HERE

Without wasting time, let’s hear what Mummy has to say about this movie. 

Mummy can we meet you ma?


My name is Cecilia Oluyemisi Gbadebo. By the grace of God, I gave my life to Christ about forty two years ago and by his mercy, He has sustained me Praise God.

I am married to Pastor Job Gbadebo of the Eternal Redemption Mission and God blessed us with four children, one of them is also a drama minister.

We are also blessed with great children and many spiritual children all by God’s grace.

Mummy tell us about your journey in the drama ministry



I developed a very deep interest in drama as far back as 1960. Then I had not even given my life to Christ though born by Christians. I discovered that those who joined the drama group must marry the leader and I declined. But the interest remained with me, I so much developed myself to the point where I could act a one man playlet, praise God.

I came across Mount Zion films but I could not trace them since we are based in the northern part of Nigeria. I loved watching their films, I prayed for them and even used their drama to pray for my life and family.

The Lord’s mercy took me to a women ministry which is 22 years now and I am the founder by God’s grace. I’m also affiliated to the children evangelism ministry, because the Lord told me that nobody can separate women from their children. Praise God, he has been helping me in these areas.

One of Evangelist Mike-Bamiloye’s children (Darasimi Mike-Bamiloye) came to serve in Kebbi. She was the NCCF drama director where I am still part of the patrons.

She used the film “Land Of Fury” to reignite my zeal for drama and I joined it because God gave me the talent of being natural at any time, this helped me flow well in the drama ministry.

The movie Land of Fury, what was your experience?



The movie land of fury reawakened of my drama interest. It revealed the power of the word of God and prayer. It made me trust God more and believe His promises. God is good, He does not forget His own. There is nobody He can not save and deliver if He is allowed.

Yes, wherever God is involved bound to be successful.
It made me to trust God even in the hardest problem.

Knowing that you are part of the new movie coming from NCCF Kebbi, what do you have to say about it ma?

It is equally good and will affect the lives of youths to depend solely on God in every area of life especially in marriage.

What should we expect from the movie coming soon?

I’m personally expecting a great transformation in youth relationship with God.

Tell us about your relationship with NCCF Kebbi ma?

By God’s grace, I am one of the oldest patrons of Kebbi NCCF.

This is the second movie from NCCF Kebbi, would you advise them to continue in this path?

Yes, in continuity lies success and a proof that God’s hands is in it, except if God wants a step for a new assignment.

What advise would you give those anticipating this movie?

Nccf Kebbi


They should relax and be ready for an eye opening message.

How can we contact you on social media ma?

Whatsapp 08065476745

You’ve read it for yourself. I want to use this opportunity to remind you to engage yourself in activities that ignite your passion and zeal. Enjoy what you do and seek to improve yourself. Love God with all your heart and go all out for him. What do you think?

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  • Meroyi Damilola
    September 8, 2020 at 10:46 am

    The part when she said she prayed for them got me, she was praying for people who don’t know her and they had no idea there was a woman praying for them.
    This last week I learnt a lesson that when God tells you to do something just do it
    You might think you are not ready but if God says go that means you are ready if He says you are ready why should you think otherwise
    Obedience to God attracts blessings to us, that means when we do that which He tells us to do we bless lives and there are people who pray for us because we have obeyed God, because through us God blessed lives.

    • Bliss Nwoke
      September 8, 2020 at 11:06 am

      This comment speaks volume to me! Thank you so much!

    • Oluwabusayomi
      September 8, 2020 at 1:19 pm

      Nice one. Lord help us to know ur voice and guidance .
      give us the spirit o obedience to your instructions


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