What influence does Identity have over our lives? Precious Oyeniran answers this question based on her experiences in life.

Tell us about you ma, who are you?

My name is Oyeniran Oluwaseyi Precious. I’m the second daughter of the family. I am a graduate of the department of English. I am a believer.

The year 2020, how has it turned out for you?

Great! I have come to understand that everything works together for my good because I love God and I am called according to his purpose. So this year for me has been one of the best.

Can you tell us, when did you discover who you really are?

Well, I think it’s safe to say that I’m still in the process of self discovery. I got on this lane in the year 2016. But during my service year which was 2019-2020, I got a better understanding of who I am.

Have you ever struggled with being accepted?

Yes, a lot of times. This was one of the challenges I faced growing up, it was difficult fitting into the picture. I even wanted to be like others so I dabbled into a lot of things until Jesus came for me.

 Have you ever faced rejection because of who you declare yourself to be?

Yes, that happens a lot to believers. Especially when you stand on the ground of whom you are in Christ Jesus.

‘Identity’ Why is this topic important?

It is what differentiates you from others. Without an identity, we would be called anything and be anything. At a point in my life, I always contemplated suicide and this could be attributed to the fact that I didn’t know who I was. When I discovered my identity, I confronted the thoughts with the information of who I am.

What influence does our identity have over our lives?

It gives us direction. It brings one into self discovery and into a path of identifying who you are and what you can be in Christ Jesus.

Identity crisis, your experience

Well, I remember one particular incident while in school, one of the identities we have is that we are the express image of Christ. We are light and Light shines and does not aid darkness. It was final year exams and as expected, you are supposed to help your colleagues. But I couldn’t do it. I got a lot of criticism from friends but I still stood my ground. I gained enemies but the knowledge of who I was did not allow me cheat during exams.

A word for everyone struggling with Identity crisis

You cannot conform to this world. No matter how difficult, remember that you must keep shining as light even in a perverse generation. Remember that we do not have a high priest who doesn’t feel our pain. It may be difficult to stand but you are not alone. It’s not a sin to speak out especially when we are faced with those challenges. We must just ensure that we speak to the right persons and remember that the word of the Lord is our anchor.

Thank you so much ma for this insight. How can we contact you on social media?

  • Facebook: Oyeniran Oluwaseyi Precious
  • WhatsApp: 08165412446
  • Telegram: Oyeniran Precious

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