What is the role of parenting, in helping us discover our identity?

What is the role of parenting in helping us discover our identity? 

Momma, can we meet you? tell us who you are and what you do.

I am Josiah, Gloria Tamuno-omie, a native of Abuloma, River State, a Christian, Teen Minister, worshipper and lover of God, an entrepreneur who graduated from the Rivers State Polytechnic majoring in office Technology and Management.

Looking down memory lane, can you say you’ve achieved the majority of your intended goals?

Yes, I have done well so far, God has really helped me. Major decisions are ahead.

Have you ever struggled with people’s opinions about you?

Yes. I really struggled with people’s opinions about me while growing up, especially when I was in secondary school. But, as time went by, I understood that I am who I am. I make mistakes, I sometimes surprise myself, but then I thank God for the ability to always recognize the bad and cry to him. That has kept me moving, pouring it all every day and every time to him. There’s so much comfort and peace in that.

Growing up, did you battle self-esteem issues?

I was an ugly duckling while growing up. I used to fight, I got easily annoyed, I remember always crying and praying, asking why God didn’t make me a little bit fine. You know it’s funny now, then I couldn’t make friends, I was very quiet, and always angry. It made me become an introvert, I didn’t want people to get on my path.

 How exactly can we discover our identity?

In Christ, that is where I still am discovering all of me.

What helped you the most in discovering who you are?

I remember being so quiet but always talking in my heart. The Holy Spirit helped me, but I didn’t know it was him until God linked me with friends during my days at the polytechnic, who showed me more about God, helped me navigate and study the bible, and know more. (The Holy Spirit, Friends, The Bible).

What is the role of parenting, in helping us discover our identity?

Parents are the first set of persons a child knows. They are caretakers of a child. They know what he does best, his skill, knowledge. They are his first teachers in everything; how to talk, belief to practice on, how to love God, who they are.

I grew up with just my mum, who works twice as hard to do both parents’ duty. My mum praises me, that way I got to know some things about me. Parents should understand that they are the gateway to a child’s future, that is why Christian homes are so important.

 Have you ever faced rejection because of your personality?

Yes, I have faced rejection regarding my personality on so many occasions, but you know God brings all things that are wrong to light not to make us feel rejected but to help us know and change, to make us be like him.

 How can we overcome identity struggles?

Through the word of God. The Holy Spirit is here for us. We ask these questions; what do I believe in? am I really good at that skill? are my goals right? is something wrong with my personality? etc. So many questions but there’s one perfect answer, know the Holy Spirit and let Him lead and guide you through the word. Friends are also very important

 A word for our readers out there

God is real. The Holy Spirit is real, actually, he is the only perfect person whose feet you can lay all your burdens and he would most lovingly pick you up. Friends are a very important part of your life, choose them wisely.

Most importantly remember Salvation is a gift of God’s love, God’s mercy, God’s grace ( rom.5:8-9, Titus: 3:11. 3:1-5). You are God’s image.

Have So many true believers as friends but have one best friend, ( the Holy Spirit). Keep trying, keep moving, keep praying, it’s just a matter of time.

 Thank you so much ma, how can we contact you on social media?

Facebook: Josiah Gloria

Whatsapp: 08059773022

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