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Who is Bliss Nwoke?

Bliss is a beautiful lady born on the 27th of February, a graduate of the University of Ibadan, where she studied Industrial Engineering. She is the first of three children.

Where does she live?

She lives somewhere in Ibadan, Nigeria. The best place to meet her is in the church (Glory Tabernacle Ministry). She keeps work away from home, so till she gets a geographical location for her office, her church is the place.

Nwoke Blis

Bliss Nwoke

What are her interests?

Perhaps, to write, she jots down anything relevant to her. Bliss writes poems, based on inspiration by the Holy Spirit, articles, stories (when she is dedicated to it) and songs. She loves to act, to speak (addressing people) and she is very interested in relationship matters. She reads books on family life, spiritual books, inspirational books and most importantly, the Bible comes first.

What drives Bliss?

She is driven by God. His power is at work in her making her able to will and to do. She is determined to live life fully dedicated and pleasing to him. She is passionate about the upcoming generation. She has decided to preserve a generation in her own way.



Nwoke Bliss


What is she passionate about?

Simply put in a list,

  1. God
  2. Family life
  3. Teenagers
  4. Relationship matters
  5. Drama ministry

If you have any other questions you want Bliss to answer, feel free to drop a comment. But if you want to know her better, follow her on Instagram, on Facebook, on YouTube, and listen to her audio messages on Sound Cloud. See you next time.


Nwoke Bliss


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