Kehinde Esther Agboola had a personal experience that has deepened her belief in sexual purity. Find out what happened.

The Unexpected

I stood in the middle of my sitting room with his arms around me harnessing any part of my body it could touch.

I could not resist him,  all I could do was just to savor the moment.

So many thoughts ran through my mind as I remembered clearly how I had read it, heard it, and even preached it that our body is God’s temple and habitation of our God, how then can I make his temple a whore’s house?

The Struggle

I stood there numb while he continued enjoying the moment, and all of a sudden, I felt a sharp pain on my tongue.

At first, I thought he was the one who bit me until I realized that I had frozen and he was confused.

I was just standing like a robot with my eyes closed, he was scared that I had fainted, and so was shaking me frantically.

I jerked back to life with a dawning that God had mercy on me to deliver me out of eternal damnation that I’d have been in because of a few minutes of pleasure.

I cried as I told him to go and leave me alone, he could also not help but leave.

How We Started

I remembered how it all started, from listening to a message and discussing the scriptures to him losing my hair, and from there, like a volcano, it erupted!

Now, it’s exactly a year and I’d say that I believe in world sexual purity day because it keeps us in that consciousness of who we are in Christ and also that our body is not for fornication, neither our thoughts for vain imaginations, rather both are to be made pure to God’s glory.

Nobody is too big to fall, that’s why the scriptures say in 2nd Cor 12:10 that let him that thinks he stands to take heed lest he falls.

I Believe

Celebrating a day like this is to tell the world that our standard in Christ is solid and we won’t compromise for anything and to let the world know that God’s foundation still stands sure, that no idolater nor fornicator nor an adulterer has a place in His kingdom.

I believe in world sexual purity day because it is my standard, our standard!

Do you believe it? Join the campaign and tell someone about purity. Most importantly, tell a soul about Jesus. You can join us on social media platforms to preach the message. Drop your comment or questions, they’ll be attended to.


  • Abatan Samuel
    November 12, 2020 at 10:25 pm

    “Nobody is too big to fall..”

    Very true!

  • Bello Ameen Gabriel
    November 14, 2020 at 4:11 pm

    I believe in World sexual purity day because purity is the standard of God.. And our sexual life ain’t exempted.. We aught to be pure right from our thoughts to our speech which will invariably leads to action.. Sexual purity is the agenda of God for man from the beginning.


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