Do you know that November 14 is World Sexual Purity Day? Our guests have written to us, expressing their belief on this special day.

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Elizabeth Temilolaoluwa Bamidele shares her view on topic of discussion.

What is WSPD?

You can’t talk about World Sexual Purity Day without first talking about Sexual Purity.

Sexual Purity is God’s mandate and instruction, for us to be in a state free from all defilements; whether in our minds, thoughts, words, what we see, what we listen to, and what we expose our bodies to or do with our bodies. We must be pure and clean, undefiled, and perfect unto God.

What’s the aim of WSPD?

The main aim of sexual purity is to honor God with my body. I am His temple, I am His image, I must not bring His temple into dirt and defilement.

Is it hard? Sometimes.
I must train and learn to put my body under the control of the Holy Spirit and submit to His dealings.

Is it possible? Most definitely.
With the help of the Holy Spirit and the Grace made available. Also, I have the responsibility of creating an environment around me that allows free flow of the Spirit and avoid all forms of temptations.


World Sexual Purity Day is one day in the year where we celebrate sexual purity all around the world. It is a time where we proclaim everywhere and to everyone our stand for purity.

This does not mean that on all other days of the year we are silent about our stand for purity, No. It is the one day where we come together with other believers to encourage, evangelize, and share on sexual purity.

In a world where immorality is the order of the day and purity as a virtue seems to be losing its hold, there is a need for us to stand and proclaim as loud as we can that sexual purity is not just a thing for those ‘born again’ but a mandate and commandment from God. We need to show those standing for purity are not alone, we are many that still choose to honor God with our bodies.

How can we be part of it?

We also need to inform and encourage others that it is possible to live sexually pure. We share our stories, challenges, obstacles, and victory tales, we are not perfect, we have our past but in Christ, we have been made new. Our past is past, we are walking a new path in Christ. We have chosen the path of purity and it cannot be taken from us by His grace.

Do you believe it?

I believe in World Sexual Purity Day as a season to proclaim my stand for purity and tell my fellow soldiers that we are many and also enlist new members to God’s great army of purity agents.

This is one good time again to speak up. If you’re on the Lord’s side of purity, let all men know.

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  • Favour Fasanya
    November 16, 2020 at 1:01 am

    Speak up!
    For all that is pure
    Though, I strive
    Yet, I stand.


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